Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bitter sweet...

Today the last of the puppies are getting fixed and 3 of them go home today, 1 is getting looked at / possibly adopted Wed night and 1 goes home on Saturday.

That leaves 2 that need to be spoken for and I am waiting for calls back from the people.

All the puppies should be in their adoptive homes by Saturday afternoon.

I am so ready for them to go but at the same time I am going to REALLY miss them. LOL!

Of course I have been contacted by several pounds with JRT's and other terriers in need of getting out ASAP. So, soon I will be just full of adults but I am totally ok with that having puppies is way TOO MUCH PRESSURE.

I am always worrying if they are going to get sick, the stress doesn't stop after they are adopt out either b/c it isn't like I adopt them out and forget about them. And I got a flood of applications and I HATE turning people down and I don't want to make anyone angry but I have to do what is best for the puppies....

Oh I can't wait to relax.. LOL!

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