Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Christmas Season

Man oh man is it every going to slow down? For the love! Can you believe I just had someone email me to tell me they went to a shelter and someone had turned in what looks like a JRT puppy to a kill shelter. 9 weeks old. They turned it in saying it was a Chihuahua.. idiots for a zillion reasons. Who the hell can't find a home for a 9 week old puppy. Whatever.

Looks like I might not be getting any new dogs in this week (knocking HARD on wood). There are a bunch that need help though. Any Ohio people out there who read this if you are up for going to your county shelter or a near by county to save a JRT let me know :-)

It is so strange dogs are getting adopted but it doesn't feel like any are leaving my house. April 16th and 17th Miley, Champ, Larry, Sienna, Mitizi were all adopted. Monday Jordan went home and Sweeite was spoken for; she goes to the vet tonight to stay the night and then spayed tomorrow and picked up at the vet office tomorrow. So, how the heck do I still have so many dogs. LOL!

I don't know if I wrote about Ralf... he was chained up outside for un known amount of time and then his family moved out of the house and left him there. The neighbor was randomly feeding Ralf for about 6 weeks until she could find the correct authorities to help her get the dog off the property. So, I now have poor Ralf.

He was doing really well until last Friday he started with kennel cough! UGH! It is really bad kennel cough. Poor dog. I am hoping that he will feel better soon and praying that everyone else doesn't come down with it.

Oh it is going to be a long few weeks if the dogs come down with kennel cough. As soon as someone sneezes I am putting them on medicine. I do not need kennel cough when I have 15 foster dogs at my house!

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