Thursday, April 15, 2010

Christmas Season is here.

In rescue we have Christmas season but our Christmas season is in April and May when the weather gets warm and all the puppies that were stocking stuffers or gifts from Santa are now about 6 months old and NO FUN any more. The novelty has worn off.

I currently have 23 dogs in our rescue.... mind you most live at my house. I have 5 new dogs coming in tonight to my house. I have 1 coming in on Tuesday to the Troy foster home and I know of about 5 more that need rescue ASAP or they will die. No pressure on me or anything.

OMG! I am just feeling the pressure and not sure what to do. I just can't stand the thought of letting these 5 die but I can't save them all...I am going to try though.. LOL

I have to remember why I got started and try to keep a chin up. I was contacted by someone who "interviewed me" and it really helped me to re gain focus because honestly I have been feeling kind of down with seeing so many homeless faces. You can check out the article at

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Scout 'n Freyja said...

Yes, rescue can be miserable and rescue can be difficult and rescue can be sad and rescue can be expensive and rescue can be dirty and rescue can be frustrating and rescue can pull your heart out over and over and over and over BUT rescue can be unbelievable when you look into loving eyes and know that without a shadow of a doubt those gorgeous eyes might have had their light extinguished without you.

God bless everyone who rescues or helps in any way large or small.