Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nice to know

Yesterday we had an adoption event. It was a nice day, a bit windy but a nice day. I invited 2 of my rescue friends. 4 of my dogs were adopted and 2 dogs from another rescue were adopted. So, it was a pretty good day.

The highlight of my day was a women who worked at Giant Eagle made a special point to come over after work and say hi to me. Apparently a year or so ago she was trying to adopt a dog and was having a hard time of it, getting no response from rescue groups. She said we talked over email and said I really helped her. She ended up getting a dog from another group but just wanted to thank me.

The lady was so nice and just made my day. Especially since a women had contacted me just the day before about an aggressive dog issue she was having and how she wanted to re home her dog. I sent her this long email about how she should hire a trainer specializing in behavior issues and explained why re homing the dog was not a good idea... all the reasons why...

I get an email back from her that was nothing but negative. I simply emailed her back and wished her luck and told her to please re read my email and refer to the very first thing I wrote... HIRE A TRAINER should be your first option... UGH! People sometimes I think only hear (or read) what they want and don't take all the advice.. LIKE HIRING A TRAINER.

I wonder why is it that people ask you for advice and then when you give it scream at you? Doesn't make much sense does it?

Anyway, my point is it is nice to know that there are people out there that appreciate the time I take to answer their questions, emails, give them advice, etc. because I was really starting to wonder...

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