Monday, April 5, 2010

Ready to talk abou it..

Ok, so why I am / was feeling horrible.

Story number 1:

I had rescued all those prego mom's and the dad's back in January. Well the puppies all 14 of them are grown and 7 have gone to home the other 7 are getting fixed tomorrow and off they will go. 1 out of the first 7 that I adopted out is being bad. Basically he is a dominate dog and he is being a brat. I feel HORRIBLE that he is being bad b/c I adopted him to a friend of mine at work and he has wanted at puppy / dog for so long and I just feel horrible that the dog / puppy they finally adopt is a strong willed, dominate puppy. Now it isn't anything that can't be worked with and he is going to be a wonderful pet it is just going to be a lot more work then it should be especially for a first time dog owner. Just makes me sad.

Story number 2:

Wayne was adopted last weekend. I had 3 people interested in him. One lady took 2 weeks to get back in touch with me about coming to meet him and I was already talking to the family that adopted him when the 3rd family got in touch with me.

So, family who adopted has never had a dog before. Wayne is a great dog who is housebroken, good with kids, good with other dogs, etc.

The stress / work / pressure of having a dog was too much to handle for the family. All the work of the dog of course feel on the wife as the dad travels, kids are too young to do anything, etc. So, they returned him on Saturday.

She has called me Friday with a few complaints - all of which I was able to talk her through. Complaint #1. He stares out the window like he wants to be outside. #2. When he is outside alone he gets into stuff #3. The neighbor's dogs bark at him and he barks back.

I asked if there were any issues like chewing on things he wasn't supposed to chew on, potty in the house issues, bad with the kids... NOPE NOPE and NOPE!

She called me Saturday to say they have decided they aren't dog people. UGH! I called both families who were interested in him and they have both since adopted another dog. Poor Wayne.

Story #3:

Jerry my GSP who is very very very scared, timid and OBVIOUSLY was abused but is the sweetest dog you will ever meet was adopted by a nice couple 2 weeks ago. They new exactly what they were getting into with him.. the foster home and I both explained he is very quiet, likes to lay around inside and doesn't play with toys.. or actually play at all. I joked he was a lazy old black lab trapped in a GSP body.

I received an email from the adoptive family on Thursday. Here is what the email said:

Unfortunately, he bit (husband's name) last night on the head and ear as we were trying to play with him. (Husband's name) was playfully trying to get him to play with some new toys, he made a growling sound at Jerry and had his head down, Jerry went after him as if he was another dog, growled and bit him. The bite wasn't terribly bad but did draw blood in two places.

SERIOUSLY???? Why in God's green Earth would you do that?? A scared dog and you get in his face and growl at him??? I wouldn't even do that to my own dog that I have owned for 2 years and is in NO WAY timid, shy, scared.

Here is a picture of Jerry with his foster homes 2 year old son. Looks like a real mean dog, huh?

Now Jerry has a bite history. THANKS!

I am just really done with people, they do nothing but disappoint me and the dogs.


AndeesResQdPups said...

Amy, I swear i wish i was closer to ya so I could come over and smack you! You didnt fail these dogs the adoptive families did. You do everything you can to make sure all of these dogs go to good homes. Unfortunately no matter how much work we do with them there are those who don't listen. Wayne did nothing wrong and they obviously didn't think their decision through! If I was Jerry i would have bitten the man too. Growl at me I am going to react Its the mans fault not Jerrys and if he gets along with a two yr old what does that say for the people who adopted him lol? Im glad hes back where he is so they can continue to help him recover from his past. Heck I have a 4 year old JRT that i will not growl at he still reacts negatively and if given the chance i beleive would bite. As far as the puppy, we all know they are hard work. There is not a doubt in my mind that all of his issues can be worked through! You my dear are a miracle worker when it comes to puppies lol with your help he will be a great little puppy for this person!!! Hang in there I swear it will get better isnt that what you keep telling me???

TexanWmn said...

People really suck sometimes. I do mostly cat rescue and we have two middle age cats coming back because it's inconvenient to try and care for a grandmother and two cats. :( I have a badly abused cat now that will need someone special. Anyhow, I digress, people suck!!