Monday, April 21, 2008

Nina found a home

Well this weekend little tiny Nina found a home. What a cutie she is. I just don't understand how her first owners could just give her up. The pound I got her from said she was micro chipped and they contacted the owner but the owner said "Nope we don't want her." WHAT?

Well Nina got a home with very nice family in Avon. Mom, Dad, 3 sons who were very well behaved!

That is the only dog that got adopted this weekend. I did get an email about Skipper and I talked to the lady on the phone. She seemed very nice and I think Skipper would really like her. She just needed to talk to her husband. They had a bad experience with a puppy and I think her husband is a little gun shy. Can't really blame him, sounded like a really bad situation with an aggressive dog.

Oh I got 5 puppies on Saturday. Their mom is a Husky / Shep mix and their dad I am guessing is a Boarder Collie mix. The reason I think that is because they are black and white and LOVE the water... LOL!

Their mom was adopted from Richland County Pound on Feb 2nd by a women in Cleveland. On Feb 20th she noticed that her new dog was acting funny.... 6 hours later she was the proud owner of 8 more dogs.... Well she is keeping one, 2 of them a friend from work took and that left 5. So, I took them in and hopefully will be getting them fixed this week or next and in to homes soon.

Tonight I am taking Rusty to a foster home, Jodie will hopefully be leaving for foster home today or tomorrow and Lester, Pepper and Red are going to the clinic tomorrow and will be there till Friday. So, that leaves me Skipper who is living in the house, the 5 puppies and Zack. I am going to have a small doggie vacation starting tomorrow.... YAY!!!!!

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