Thursday, April 17, 2008

Transport day... what am I going to get

Well is is Thursday, transport day from the pounds. I have no idea what I am getting either. I am supposed to be getting a Rat Terrier, male JRT, female JRT, lab puppies, senior collie, shep puppy and a boxer mix. Not sure if I am getting them all or just some... I guess we will see at 5pm when I meet transport.. LOL!!

Tonight will be busy settling everyone in and making sure they all get along... LOL! At least the weather is starting to get warm again. Man did we go through a cold spell. I had the dogs in the outdoor kennels but moved them in last week when it got rainy and cold. So, they have been in the horse barn for a week or so now. I am going to move them back out to the kennels on Saturday.

Saturday... Saturday will be interesting. I am getting in 5 husky/shep something mixes puppies that were born on Feb 20th. A women called me yesterday. She had gotten my name and number from Pet Smart where I do adoption events. She adopted a dog from Richland County pound on Feb 2nd. On Feb 20th SURPRISE!!! 8 puppies were born. A guy she works with took two of the puppies and is 100% getting them fixed, she is keeping the mom and 1 baby and said she is 100% getting them fixed. She was actually going to get the mom fixed but she was prego. So, that leaves 5 puppies... 3 males and 2 females. She said they are black and white so I am interested in see them and figure out what they are mixed with.

YAY puppies. I haven't had puppies in a long time and I have been wanting to get puppies because well I just need a puppy fix.. LOL! You know though in like a week I will be SO READY for them to go to forever homes.. LOL!! Especially having 5 puppies... hahahaha yea give me till Tuesday and I will be ready for them to go HOME...

Let's see the clinic is back in session so I will be taking 4 dogs every Tuesday morning to the clinic to get spayed or neutered and up to date on shots and then picking them up on Friday after work. I love when the clinic is in session because I get mini doggie vacations when I have 4 and the clinic for a few days.. LOL!!

What else is going??? Well I signed up for an adoption event on May 3rd at the Parma Pet Smart. As of right now I have 9 dogs that will be going.... not counting the one I haven't gotten yet. So, assuming I get the ones I think I am getting and I don't adopt anything out by then I will have like 16 dogs going to the event.. hahahahaha this should be interesting. I hope I have enough volunteers. It is going to be advertised on the Channel 8 news so I have a feeling it is going to be a mad house. Let's hope some of these dogs get homes.

This year has been really really slow. Last year at this time I had adopted out about 30 dogs... this year I have adopted out about 10 - 15 dogs. That stinks!

here are some of the dogs I am getting for sure today.........

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