Thursday, April 3, 2008

Filling up and moving outside

So, I got a new JRT yesterday. He is an old guy about 8 years old. He seems to be a nice dog. You can tell he has had a rough life. I am getting 3 more on transport today.... I don't know anything about them.

Well maybe things are going to get better now that the horrible winter is finally over. Ricky my beagle rat terrier mix is going on a 10 day trial with a women named Sharon. She seems like a very nice person. I have a family coming to look at Sandy my Lab shep mix. Sandy is such a good dog. I know they will love her. AND I have another application from a guy in Youngstown. His 11 year old JRT died and he wants another JRT. He came to the right place when he contacted me.. LOL!! I got them coming out of my ears :-) Hopefully he will fall in love with one and that would be 3 dogs in new homes this weekend. YAY!!!!

I shouldn't get too excited but it makes me happy to think someone is getting a home... LOL!!

Well yesterday I moved everyone to the outside kennels. I hope they are going to be ok out there. I mean it isn't too cold, right? UGH! I worry too much. They have a lot more room out there and I am sure it is nice not to be in my barn. I filled the dog houses with straw so I am sure they will be fine.

Well not much else going on, just fingers crossed that Ricky, Sandy and a JRT find homes this weekend.

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