Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dog got hit by a car........

So, today I left work around 2:30 to go to a conference at the Art museum. Well they are doing a ton of construction and I got lost for about 45 minutes. The conference didn't last that long... well plus I was 20 minutes late. Anyways, the conference was over and I made my way back to 90 and headed home. Traffic was bad and there was a weird drive with out of state plates... made me nervous and I was behind them so I thought I better get off the highway and take a back road home before I end up in the accident because of this idiot.

I got off at RT 254 and headed towards home. "What the hell?" I said out loud to myself. There was a dog a BIG dog jogging right down the middle of the street. I pull over, of course no one else has and try to get the dogs attention. He really didn't pay any attention to me. Just jogged to the side of the road going through people's front yards. This area is super super heavy traffic. The dog got too far ahead of me so I got back to my car and was going to try to get a head of it so that maybe it would come to me. The dog crossed the road again and I was told by a women who stopped with me the second time that it was hit by a car. UGH!

Another man stopped to and helped me eventually get the dog. It is a Great Pyranes (spelling?) and was pretty muddy on the legs from wondering around and her back looked like someone tried to shave her hair???

A neighbor came out of his house and told me the dog was wondering around last night / this morning and he thought that maybe it was the people down the street. I loaded the dog in my car and said well if anyone is looking for it tell them I took it and they are NOT getting it back.

I took the dog straight to my vet office. He is really a she, spayed and micro chipped. We called the micro chip company but the dog was never registered to an owner. My vet looked her over and we think she is 4 - 5 years old. She seems to be in good health and weighs 86 pounds. She should probably weigh about 95 - 100 pounds.

Anyways, I took her home and will nurse her back to some better health and then try to find her home.

Well I had two people coming over tonight. One person to look at Jodie my JRT/Beagle mix and someone to look at the barn. The people who were here to look at Jodie were pulling up as I was unloading the big dog. I took the big dog into the barn and then showed them Jodie. As I was talking with them the people for the horse barn came over. I took them around the barn and showed them everything.... they left and then I finished up with the people who want to adopt Jodie. They are coming back to her on May 11th after she is spayed.

Then I had to clean the kennel, set up food and water for two kennels, settle in the big dog, put way the 5 puppies in the barn, feed the goats, get the goats clean water, bring horses in from outside, feed horses, set up feed for tomorrow morning, water the cats, clean kitty litter and clean out my car with the groceries I bought last night and some wrapping paper from work AND then I had to take the trash out and get Gloria's paper work and crates together for tomorrow because she is dropping of 5 JRT's to me tomorrow (also the reason I had to set up the second kennel). Then I came in the house grabbed a ginger ale and some chips for dinner, opened my mail, arranged a rescue of a senior dog in portage county AND got on the computer to check email, do some work for work and then wrote this blogg! one long freaking night!

Ok so tomorrow I am picking up the three dogs at the clinic, getting 5 JRT's from Gloria, getting the senior JRT from Portage and getting anther JRT on Saturday.... OMG!!!!


Thoughts said...

SO Glad that you saved the Great Pyrenees. I can never get stray dogs to come to me when I stop for them. That is AWESOOME that you took her straight to the vet. Are you going to try to adopt her out now?

Dog Rescue said...

The Great Pyr was taken to the vet and given shots last week. She was taken to the groomers last friday and is ready for a home. So, yes she is getting a home.. eventually. She is just the nicest dog, housebroken, good with dogs, cats, kids and she knows how to give paw and then the other one :-)