Monday, April 14, 2008

YAY! For Sandy!!

YAY!! For Sandy she got a home on Sunday. Guess who adopted her... MY VET :-)

Things are going ok right now (knocking on wood at this very moment)!!

Pickles was adopted this weekend too. I have someone interested in Zack and Rusty! Nina went to a foster home. So that leaves me at my house with Zack, Rusty, Skipper, Jodie and Grafton. Not bad.

Ok well I am getting 3 from Ross County.. well maybe. That is the crazy pound that is mad at me for putting to sleep a dog that bit me and my vet. They are so ridiculous, they send emails to KY Russell Rescue and to Gloria but not to me because they don't want me to have any of their dogs. DUH! KY isn't going to help b/c we try to stick to our own states and if Gloria gets them the dogs are just going to end up at my house. Whatever makes them happy I guess.

I am also getting two dogs on transport Thursday and 1 owner surrender... I don't normally take owner surrender dogs but this guy is going to Iraq to server our country. Hard to say no.

Well that is all for now. Slammed at work so I hope I can get out of here on time today.

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