Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend update

Well I got the so called 3 JRT's off transport on Thursday. I say so called because 1 was a JRT, 1 was a 15 week old beagle JRT mix (that is ok, I knew it was a beagle/JRT) and a 5 month old boxer mix. I have no idea who got the bright idea it was a JRT... lol but is sure wasn't! I was like OMG where am I going to put this dog I have NO ROOM! Well not a lot I can do about it now. I learned a big lesson with this one ALWAYS GET A GOOD PICTURE... LOL

I took everyone home and got them all settled in. Elizabeth, a women that adopted a puppy from my rescue partner Gloria came over and picked up Bandit. She is a new foster home which is absolutely wonderful b/c she is a great person and I can use the help. I then took care of all the dogs I already had, took care of the horses, goats, cats and got ready for a nice girls night. My friend Kirsten (one of the girls in my wedding too) has had a rough month. Long story. Anyways Becky (another one of my friends and she has a horse at my house) took Kirsten out for dinner.

On the way to dinner we took Ricky my beagle/rat terrier mix to women named Sharon. Sharon has been looking for a dog for over a month. She was looking for a dog that could be trained as a service dog. Not sure if Ricky is the right dog so he is on a 10 day trial. I really think it is important that Sharon has the right dog for what she needs. I guess we will see.

Then Saturday... holly cow crazy day. I was so tired and just wanted to sleep so I didn't get up till 9am. Oopse. I was on email for a little while and then went outside to take care of all the dogs... 10 in total, take care of the horses, goats, cats, etc. Then I had to rush into the house and get ready to go wedding dress shopping (I really don't know why girl like it). Tyler's mom, my mom and I went to Catan's and I tried on about 5 dresses. UGH! I think I found the one I want... I don't want to rush into the decision so I am giving myself sometime before I buy it.

Then I rushed home and when I got there Jim and Priscella were already at my house. I had a 1:30pm appointment with them to look at my JRT's for adoption. They adopted my little Spencer. I am glad they adopted him because they seem really awesome and they even brought pictures of their dog that passed away. They had an entire album of him... I really liked Spencer though and wished I could have kept him a little longer but at least he has a great life now :-)

Then while they were there Holly came over. She and two of her kids came over and looked at Sandy my lab/shep mix that I got from the dog hoarder in Wellington. Holly didn't take Sandy home, she wanted to sleep on it. Which I totally understand. Getting a dog is a huge deal and you should never rush into it. Then while Holly was looking at Sandy a girl named Laura came over to check out the barn. She is thinking about bringing her horse to my barn. She seemed really nice.

Then after everyone left, I got changed so that I could get a few things done around the farm and of course play with my dogs a little. By 7pm I was tired and went in the house and got ready to go to my Fiance's house.

This morning I got up about 8am as I had a lot to do today. I had 3 people coming over to meet and possibly adopt a few dogs. Holly did come back and get Sandy. She is on a 10 day trial with Holly. Holly is very sweet but not sure that she can handle the stress of another dog. They already have one dog and she has 4 kids. That is a lot to be responsible for but I think if she gives it some time she will realize the 2 dogs will entertain themselves and it really wont be much more work. Then Ginelle and her family came over and adopted the boxer mix puppy I got by accident. She was already spayed and had her shots so that is good. I was able to get her a home so quickly. Ginelle's family was just the cutest too. That is was a great match. Then Jane and her husband came over and adopted Coco. They brought me pictures of their backyard and were really excited about getting Coco. I think they were really awesome people too and will just LOVE Coco to death. Poor Coco has been through so much, she so needs someone to give all their attention to her and just love her forever.

So, needless to say I had a great weekend and feel great about everyone who adopted one of my dogs this weekend. No doubt that everyone that adopted a dog this weekend were just great families and I am just so excited. It is so rare to have that many adoptions in one weekend and that many GREAT families. I just can't get over what great families adopted my dogs this weekend.

Hopefully everything works out ok with everyone. I am going to wait till next week to take in any new dogs just in case someone doesn't get along well or feel like the dog they adopted just isn't a good match for them. However, I really can't see that happen. I really think everyone was a perfect match.

I love this part of rescue... dogs getting homes and families getting a new family member. YAY!!!!

Oh so after everyone was over this morning I had to rush off to my friend Tracy's wedding shower. The wedding shower started at 1pm and went until 4pm. I got home about 4:30pm and changed my clothes and went outside to play and take care of all my animals. Then about 7pm I changed and went to my Fiance's house for dinner.

SO, that was my CRAZY but good weekend!


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