Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lovey the JRT

Yesterday while I was on the phone with my rescue friend Kathy talking about Sally and Donny and some other rescue stuff, she said Marty keeps calling let me call you back.  A few minutes later Kathy called me back.  Marty was desperate to get a hold of her because a JRT was hit by car in the middle of the night and picked up by the dog warden.  The owners are going through a divorce and don't want the dog.  The dog appears to have a broken leg and is peeing blood.  I said to Kathy "Did you tell her to take the dog to the vet? That dog needs to get to the vet ASAP!"  Honestly I don't remember everything Kathy said to me but I remember her saying "Who is going to pay for it?"  I said "I will, I don't care about the cost just get the dog to the vet"  I think we then talked about which vet.  All I could think about is that baby in pain and I wanted her to the vet ASAP.

Marty took the poor dog to the vet for blood work and x-rays.  The last report I received was she did not have broken leg so that is WONDERFUL!  The bill is only $500 which seriously with some of the dogs I have had this year, that is a drop in the bucket.

What is important is the baby is ok and she will be coming to our rescue soon and will FINALLY be loved and part of a family who actually cares about her.

Here are some pictures of the cute baby and her injuries.


Kieran Andersen said...

What a darling face.... She's lucky to have found her way to you.

English Rider said...

Amazingly happy expression, under the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping this little dog. She deserves so much better than owners that just cast her aside!