Wednesday, December 23, 2009

14 puppies 10 weeks old

DUMPED today at the kill shelter. Today is kill day. They are owner surrenders so the first to be put down.

Wonderful volunteers are trying to raise $255 to help get them out and to safety. A humane society said they would take them if the volunteers can get them to their non kill shelter.

10 week old puppies..... dumped right before Christmas. Really???!!


House of the Discarded said...

I'm incredulous that the shelter charges you to rescue them!!!


Dog Rescuer said...

yea, totally sucks but they almost all do. There is one shelter in Ohio that charges $110 but at least that shelter they get the dog is fixed and give it rabies shot. Another county shelter charges $50 FOR NOTHING! They do nothing for the dog.. actually there are a few like that.

After charging to rescue them we still have to get all their health care done (spay/neuter, heartworm test, worming, shots) and people get mad at me for $100 - $200 adoption fee.. LOL!! That is WAY more unbelievable.

christen said...

i'm from a pa rescue...we have a lot of success with puppies and come out to ohio fairly often to pick up mill dogs...wondering how this is going? what kind of puppies are they? is someone definately taking them?

Dog Rescuer said...

Christen - the puppies were at Carroll County. I donated $50 so I hope they go them out... I hear of puppies all the time.. do you want me to contact you and let you know of puppies in need?

christen said...

we are dealing with all of our puppy mill closings in pa right now, so i will let you know when i'm coming to the ohio area again (either end of january or in feb) and see if there's anything around you would need me to take or pick up. i hope these pups got out ok. we just took in over 100 dogs in the past 3 days...we are so swamped :(.

Anonymous said...

Why are owner surrenders the first? You'd think they were already spayed and trained and stuff...?

Dog Rescuer said...

The reason owner surrenders are first is because it is federal law for a County dog shelter to hold all stray dogs (without tags) 3 open business days (so weekends do not count). If the shelter is full and you bring your dog into the shelter and there is absolutely no room they will just put the dog down. You are the owner and you turned ownership over to the pound therefore they do not have to hold the dog to wait for it's owner.

With that said... I WISH owner surrender dogs were fixed! 9 times out of 10 they are not fixed.

You have to remember the County Shelter is a GOVERNMENT run.. and run like a business. If the business is paying to feed a dog for too long they are loosing money, paying someone to clean up after the dog, they are loosing money, therefore it is cheaper to kill the dog then clean up after it and feed it.

Shelters are rarely heated and most of the time kennels are hosed out WITH THE DOGS STILL IN THEM! I can't tell you how many stories I have heard of dogs freezing to death on the concrete floors in shelters!