Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tis the season...

To dump your dog. :-(

December always has a lot of dog dumps. I am not sure if it is because of holiday stress or just because people realized how much it sucks to stand outside with your dog in the cold weather and or take them for a walk in the cold, snow or rain.

I told you all about Daphne... so sad! I then had Buster returned on Sunday. He was adopted out by my senior foster home. We live like 4 hours apart so I just let her handle her own adoptions / who she is takes in... Usually I just tell her who needs help and it is totally up to her if she wants to take the dog in and then she handles everything... vetting, applications, etc. She does a great job.
Anyway, so she got a dog Buster and approved an application and adopted him out to a guy that lives near me. The guy contacted me and said that Buster was horrible and that my foster home lied to him and the dog was nothing she said he was. I asked him to give me a list of everything about Buster and of course I would take him back. After a month or maybe more of going back and forth he finally brought Buster to me on Sunday. I honestly thought I was getting the devil dog. I didn't want to post him on line until I knew for sure he was adoptable.

Ok, seriously either the dog HATED the people, the people were liars or or or I don't know what... this dog is the sweetest dog ever! He is a good boy and hasn't done a thing wrong. The guy said he pees when ever a stranger greets him... hasn't done that yet. And I have had at least 20 different people in and out of this house since Sunday. The guy said he hides when you get a leash out... nope. He said he just drools and pants in his cage... again nope. The only time the dog gets excited and barks is when you ask him "Do you want to go bye byes in the car." OH he gets so excited.

I do think he is a bit sad though. Today is the first day he hasn't sat at the door looking for his people :-(

Then I have one more dog coming back on Friday. The person emailed me on Monday and said she got a divorce and her house sold and she needs to bring the dog back Friday. Really? You didn't know this like a month ago? UGH! I could have had him posted on line and possibly found him a home BEFORE she had to move. Just so frustrating.... I feel like asking so you mean to tell me you went to bed Sunday night married, happy and living in your house but when you woke up on Monday you were magically divorced and your house was sold? Come on! This stuff takes a long time.... hell my husband sold his house pretty quickly after putting it up for sale and it still took nearly 2 months to get all the closing stuff done and get everything moved out of there. Just frustrating...

I have been getting a good number of emails from random people wanting to get rid of their dog for my favorite reason ever "I just don't have time for my dog any more" Really?? Are you sure it just isn't you are selfish and don't WANT TO make time? Ugh!

I totally realize there are reasons where finding a dog a new home is the best thing for everyone involved but I feel there is no excuse to just DUMP! I know plenty of people who need or needed to find their dog a new home. Guess what each one of those people did everything or are doing everything in their power to find THEIR dog a home.

I guess people dump their kids too so I shouldn't really be surprised they do it their dog.

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A.Marie said...

I look at my little JRT, Sheba, and wonder if she was dumped. Okay, so she IS a little hyper and loves to chew, but she is still young. That is what young dogs do. And, she IS a terrier. My friend calls them Jack Russell TERRORS! (she is married to a vet!) LOL

Seriously, if you don't train them, they won't just eat you out of house and home, they will literally EAT your home! :)

I hope you can find good homes for the dogs. Your job would be very hard...I don't know if I could do it!