Monday, December 21, 2009


Well Saturday went well. Andy and Boo found a home at the event and Sawyer was adopted in the morning. Someone came over to meet Ozzie and he is on a trail for a few days just to make sure everything goes Ok. So, far so good. And there is someone interested in Buster. I love that dog.

Daphne is settling right back into her foster home as if she never left 3 years ago!

Spencer came back yesterday. I thought he was adopted in 2008 Spring time but it was actually Dec 2008. So, the poor dog was only in the home for a year. UGH!

Earl is finally officially adopted ;-) That guy is a sweet heart. can't believe how far he has come.

I am getting in a CUTIE tomorrow, my co-workers named her Kiwi. She is so freaking cute

There is a male JRT in Morrow County that I am watching to make sure he doesn't get into trouble. So, far so good but I do need to make arrangements to get him out.

Oh and Butchie the heartworm positive dog that we treated and have had ALL year I believe is getting adopted this week. Andrea is handling the adoption so that is exciting.

In the last 2 months I have got some really awesome new foster homes.. actually this year has been amazing for getting new foster homes. It is so awesome to have foster homes who are so willing to help and do stuff. It is exciting to have people to help and care.

Well nothing else to really report.

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