Thursday, December 17, 2009

Doing what I can

Man oh Man will anyone get adopted??? UGH!! This is horrible. I am praying that some good homes come along soon. I am seriously getting a little depressed. I am getting so many emails from people who want to give up their dogs and so many emails about dogs that need help. There is an American Eskimo at my local kill shelter, I want to save him so badly but I can't... I can't because adoptions are so down that I am afraid of having way too many dogs with the cold weather and no real place to put them.. :-(

THIS SUCKS! Seriously no other way to describe this! Something has got to give.

You would think with the economy sucking so bad that people who not be buying puppy mill puppies from pet stores but they don't seem to have a problem finding people who will pay nearly $1,000 for a dog that may or may not be what they say it is, has no vet care, was probably taken from it's mother too young and more then likely is going to have health issues. Yet, I can't seem to get a housebroken, 2 year old, pure breed, good with kids, other dogs, cats and FULLY vetted dog adopted out for $150. WTF!

There are so so so many that need saved and just not enough people wanting to adopt. I want to cry!

I ran an ad in my local newspaper two weeks ago and I am running another this week...maybe that will get me somewhere. I am also going to the local Tractor Supply on Saturday and I am going to hang out with fliers, some dogs and PRAY that I can get some people interested.



A.Marie said...

Oh, I wish I could come and get that American Eskimo...I don't have room for him permanently, but I would definitely try and find him a forever home. You are in Ohio? I wonder how far you live from my sister. She lives in Greenville OH. And, she also loves dogs.

Dog Rescuer said...

I think that is far from me.