Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shelter animals want for Christmas.....

Regardless of where you live or who you are, you can make a difference for Christmas with local animal shelters!!

Even if it is only $5.00 donation to your local animal shelter or rescue organization it helps!

If you would rather go shopping here are things commonly needed by shelters and rescue groups:




*Blankets, towels.... these can simply be from your closet... dogs don't care if they are used! And really this is something that is easy to give ANY TIME OF THE YEAR. Do you do spring cleaning? Fall cleaning? Throwing away sheets, blanket, towels??? Instead donate them to a local shelter. Ask if the need them first but I know there are groups out there that would be VERY GRATEFUL!

*Dog treats

*Chew bones.... I wouldn't get raw hides b/c some people don't like to give raw hides to dogs. If you really want to buy raw hides I would just ask the shelter or rescue group if raw hides are ok.

*Dog food.... but again ask what type of dog food they feed or would prefer.

*TIME!! Going and spending time at a shelter walking dogs, petting them, giving them a bath, maybe even taking pictures. I know a lot of shelters would really appreciate your time.

Some shelters have cats too. I do not rescue cats so I don't want to say what they need but if you are a cat person call your local shelter and ask them what the cats need. I am sure they would be more then grateful for your help!

And the very easiest thing in the entire world you can do that would me so much to MANY MANY MANY ANIMALS!

Adopt Don't Shop
Spay / Neuter


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