Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Daphne update (post 1 of 2)

I took Daphne to the vet yesterday. The vet thinks that her dry skin, red belly and thinning hair is all from a bad diet. UGH!

The foster home that had Daphne 3 years ago took her back to foster. So, that is a good thing. It will be familiar to her. Poor dog.

She is such a great dog that I know I can get her placed very quickly but I want her looking better so I am going to give it some time for her to get looking /feeling better before I put her up for adoption. I want to make 100% FOR sure that the home she goes to next is FOREVER and not until a new man comes around....

Well looks like the cold weather has a few dogs not feeling so well. UGH! I hate sick dogs, I feel so bad b/c they can't exactly say to you "I feel hot, have a headache and a runny nose." You just have to guess and watch and try to get them on the right type of medication. Poor things.

Other then that not too much is going on... I haven't received (knocking on wood) any notifications about JRT's in kill shelters. I am sure they are out there but I am not looking for them.. don't need to, they always find me. LOL!!

I did find out that Tina the JRT who bit that I talked about yesterday was adopted. WOOHOOO! I am really excited about that. YAY!

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