Monday, December 7, 2009

Did I fail??? I sure feel like I did.

Sorry it has been a week... last week was crazy. I started a yahoo group for those interested in helping and WOW did that turn out awesome. As far as I know we were able to save all JRT's (even a few mixes) from kill shelters in Ohio :-) WOOHOOO!!

There is one JRT in a shelter but she has a bite history and I am afraid my hands are tied with that one :-( Totally sucks b/c I don't think it was the dogs fault but if our insurance found out... we would be screwed!

I have had several dogs leave for a foster to adopt home. Which is GREAT! Josie and Earl both left around Thanksgiving and their foster families said they are keeping them. I went over to see Josie yesterday in her new home and make it official. She was very happy! I am supposed to get together with Earl's foster mom on Sunday... Oh I am so happy for Earl.

This is Josie!

This is Earl:

Marshmallow who I rescued on Tuesday with the help of Dee went to the vet on Thursday for a wellness check and to a foster to adopt home that night! Things seem to be going well there. I need to check in today.

Jeff went to a foster home with a really nice lady. Hopefully she likes him.

With the help of Mindy I rescued sweet Roxy from Portage County. Roxy was dumped there on 10//26/2009 by her family who had owned her since she was a puppy. Roxy is now 8.5 years old. They bought a new house and didn't want a dog in the new house. So, they dumper her at the kill shelter. The shelter did everything they could to keep her from being killed but it was touch and go. As soon as I heard of the situation I jumped at the opportunity to help her. She is in a foster home now and a past adopter is interested in meeting her!! So, maybe she will have a home and their current JRT they adopted from me can have a sister!

Mindy also helped rescue Dover who is for sure a mix.. LOL!! Mix of what?? Good question... I am thinking Whippet b/c man that dog is fast.. LOL!!

The on Saturday April rescued Ozzie from Coshocton. They said he was a JRT but kinda big... well she brought him over to my house... I have never laughed so hard in my life. He is a Basset Hound / JRT mix. Who thought that was a good idea?? LOL!!

Dante left today to go to Kathy's who will hopefully be able to work with him and help him through his "issues" I really like that little guy, I am sure with Kathy he will be fine.

Then for the crappy part of this weekend......... DAPHNE!

Daphne was brought into our rescue in September 2006. She was scared and shy and had obviously been horribly miss treated. The foster home worked with her and she was doing so well. This young single mom filled out an application and wanted to adopt Daphne for her 9 year old son. She thought it would be good for her 9 year old since he was a bit sad that his dad left. The foster mom and I spoke to the potential adopter of Daphne a million times. It seemed like a great match for the boy and Daphne. The boy and Daphne have been best buds for 3 years.

The mom in the past 3 years, go married, moved, had a baby and is due to have a 2nd baby with her new husband. According to the mom the new dad doesn't really care for Daphne and is always yelling at her. Since they are having baby #2 the dad wants the dog gone. Her son is really upset about this but the dog has got to go.

So, yesterday Sunday Daphne gets dropped off at my house. She was wearing a black coat and the guy brought with her a box of stuff. It was horrible. The box of stuff consisted of a torn up blanket that the guy said she slept on, two toys with some of the stuffing torn out, a new rope toy, a bag of some nasty Kibble and Bits dog food (seriously shredded news paper has more nutritional value) and a leash.

I threw away all the toys that were torn open and the blanket. I took the dog food and gave it to the chickens. Poor Daphne was so confused.

I took Daphne in the house and took off her coat and noticed that her hair on her back was rubbed off / thin and she had a few thin spots of hair on her head, her belly was all red too. Not sure what is going on with her. I have a vet appointment tonight so hopefully it is nothing more then being on crappy food.

I was able to touch base with the foster mom who had her 3 years ago. They are meeting me at the vet office tonight to get her back. I think that would be best for Daphne because it will be familiar to her.

I feel so horrible. I feel like I failed this little dog. Totally sucks. Hopefully this time I won't fail her....


Anonymous said...

Just curious, do you go to a website that says what dogs are in danger or do you get emails or what? I would like to know where to go to rescue dogs that are in danger.

~Andeelyn~ said...

You didnt fail at all!! This woman choose a poor excuse for a husband, How can a man come into a childs life and take away his best friend? Doesnt sound like much of a man to me also sounds like this woman needs a little bit of a reality check. Any man who cares nothing for a childs feelings cant be that great of a father to her new children. thats just my opinion

Dog Rescuer said...

Anonymous -

Honestly I stay away from the Dogs In Danger website... it makes me cry.

I am on a few email chains that send me "Kill Lists" for pounds in Ohio.

Also, the rescue community is HUGE so if a rescue person knows of a JRT in need I usually get an email.

Sometimes people randomly email me and tell me about JRT's in danger.

As for my mix breeds and injured dogs that I take in.... it is usually an email chain asking for help and I step in.

I guess if you don't run a rescue the best place to check is the dogs in danger website. That would be the best place to start.

Bobbie @ Silverwalk said...

Amy, you have NOT failed Daphne. The woman who married a man who would not accept her entire family, dog included, failed her. YOU were still there for her when the bottom of her world and that of her young master's fell out. GREAT on all the other JRT's and thank God, you were able to get Daphne back.

Anonymous said...

the adopter or should i say dumper needs to grow a backbone and stand up for her son...but i guess we dont know all the details. who knows. maybe he was a jerk to daphne and she knew it was better to rehome her. at least she brought her back to you. i like the fact that he was the one who brought her to you. hope he felt like an ass.

A.Marie said...

You totally did not fail little Daphne. By the description of her current condition, she is better off leaving that current home. I feel bad for the little boy, but if the man doesn't like the Daphne, her life would have been miserable.

You do wonderful work, on behalf of these dogs, so don't be too hard on yourself! :)

Anonymous said...

Amy--Getting Daphne back was totally not your fault. I agree that maybe Daphne is better off not being in that home and was only loved by the young boy. As for her coat condition, hope she is okay. Am sure the boy did the best he could as he couldn't take her to the vet or buy new food, toys, etc, unfortunately. P.S.-waht dog foods do you recommend?