Sunday, December 20, 2009

Owner Surrenders :-(

I just went on my local Pound's website to check out what they have there. OMG! I want to scream.......

8 year old Saint Bernard owner surrender

Chocolate Lab owner surrender

2.5 year old mix owner surrender

Shepard hound mix found at the APL that someone had dumped... ASSHOLES!

Rocky a Rotti mix Owner Surrender

Female Beagle found at the APL... again a Dump... people think if they dump at the APL the APL which is a no kill will take them in BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE! They have to go to the pound.

Bear a chow mix Owner Surrender

Husky / Lab mix Owner Surrender

Shepard Mix Owner Surrender

Female Beagle Owner Surrender

THAT IS ONLY MY COUNTY POUND. How freaking sick is that!!!!!!

Merry freaking Christmas to these dogs.. they will probably end up DEAD instead of with their family. Oh this just makes me so mad!


Kelly said...

Amy, the WORST thing is.....that chocolate lab is 9 years old! HOW could someone do that??? What the hell is wrong with people?!?!? I saw him yesterday on the pound's website and wanted to cry. I just checked on him again and he's not listed on there anymore. I wonder if he got adopted....or...maybe I don't want to know....This is so sad:(

NoviceLife said...

Amy - I just looked up at my countys pound today too and thought the same thing. Damn all those SELFISH owners who surrendered their dogs. It made me sick -- all owner surrenders -- all LAME reasons. Poor Dogs