Friday, November 27, 2009


You would think on a holiday I would have a day off from dogs.. LOL!!

Thanksgiving was good. We drove to Columbus to spend Thanksgiving with my husband's side of the family. On the way down I picked up Billy from his foster mom. He had a spot on his back and the vets in Columbus are SO SO SO expensive. Actually cheaper for me to pick him up and bring him back to my house then have her take him to a vet there.

Anyway, picked him up on the way down. When we got to my husband's Aunts house the babies were sleeping (his cousins kids). So, I left Billy in the car in his crate. We ate and the kids woke up so then we went for a walk with the dogs... my in laws dog, my husband's aunt's dog and Billy. Then Billy came in the house and played and played and played with his other cousin's GSD mix dog. Such a cutie. I think that the GSD mix was just excited someone wanted to play with her.. the other two dogs wanted nothing to do with her. LOL

We left after an hour or so because I had to get home to feed horses and take care of the dogs. That morning we did go on a 2 mile walk so at least they got out and ran for a bit.

Thanksgiving night I had one dog getting adopted who was in a foster to adopt home and Earl leaving for a foster to adopt home.

On the way back home from Columbus we passed a house that had FREE LAB MIX PUPPIES spray painted on a piece of ply wood. Of course today I drove to the house and talked to the people with the free labs.

Apparently the story is this... they have two female dogs. A small terrier mix and a larger mix breed. The large mix breed only has 3 legs. The women's son and his girlfriend bought 2 male yellow labs. The son's yard is not fenced YET and the girlfriend took off so she was left with both dogs. She didn't think that female mix breed with 3 legs could get pregnant because she only had 3 legs. I SWEAR that is exactly what she said!!

Apparently there were 8 puppies and only two were left. She has someone coming back for 1 on Monday. They were 10 weeks old and she did wait until they were 8 weeks to start giving them away and she made sure that only people from the area took one. She didn't want them going to far away.

I told her where I was from and that I would be willing to help her get her dogs fixed, the puppies fixed if anyone who took one needed help getting that done. I explained to her the importance, I gave her all my contact information and contact information for a low cost spay / neuter place... not sure if she will actually get it done but....

I talked to the lady about all her cats too. Told her that the spay / neuter place was having a discount on getting cats fixed during the month of December and I am sure they could help her with those too.

So, let me explain this house to you. It was a really nice house at one time, you can tell. It was made to look like a log cabin but isn't is a real log cabin. There are broken down cars EVERYWHERE, trash everywhere.. not bags of trash just like empty cans, boxes, ect. There are cats EVERYWHERE and I mean everywhere. My mom and I counted 6 and all we did was walk on the porch. On the porch there were empty Bub light boxes, one had a cat sleeping in it and one full Bud light box next to the front door. The windows had sheets hanging from them for curtains, some where falling down so you could see inside, sort of. The windows were covered in dog noise prints so they looked foggy.

There were probably about 5 green houses, the really nice ones with the glass not the plastic that were all falling down, doors broken off, there was a lot of trash around those... broken down lawn mowers and other pieces of equipment. It was about 2 in the afternoon and as we were leaving a guy came walking out of one of the green house with a beer in his hand. It was cold out and all he had on was a t-shirt and jeans. So, I am guessing at least one greenhouse worked?!

I hope the information I left for her about #1 the importance of spaying and neutering #2 what can happen to dogs who are given away for free and #3 my information, the spay / neuter clinics information all just sinks in and she is able to at least get the female dog fixed and maybe if we are all luck a cat or two.

It was really sad talking with the lady and standing on her porch. She just didn't have a clue but hopefully I helped. All you can do is share the information with someone right? The rest is up to them?!

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Bobbie @ Silverwalk said...

It does sound like she was doing the best she could w/her apparently very limited resources and knowledge, er, lack thereof. Hopefully, she will take the thought of discounts or free vetting to heart - and be allowed to do right by her dogs and cats. You did good. These are the people we need to reach as well as those who have funds but no brains.