Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Things are LOOKING UP!

I am nervous writing this blog.... things have really been going well lately.

Uno found a home last week, a great home. Lenny was adopted Saturday, Skittles was adopted on Sunday (more about that in a minute) and Tucker YES I SAID IT my little project dog Tucker went home last night. AND I have a GREAT application on George. She is coming Saturday 1pm to meet George.. who will be called Junior if she takes him b/c her other dog is named George.. LOL! AND AND AND I have someone interested in the Bridle puppy.

Oh not sure if I told you but I got a new foster home on Sunday. Really nice girl in Columbus. She took Billy. And Margaret was able to take Sherman to foster him so that is good.

Now, if I can help ALL the dogs in the shelters that I have been notified about I will be fine :-) I am working on it.....

Ok, for bad news. Mr. Earl beat up Jeff :-( It is complicated to explain but I have talked to 3 trainers, 2 rescue people and my vet about what happened and NONE of them believe Earl needs to be put to sleep for aggression. BUT Earl is no longer allowed to be left alone with other dogs. The short of it is, he is a puppy mill dog that spent his entire life "breeding" Although he is neutered, he still only knows breeding and my neighbor (UGH don't get me started on that) has beagles in heat (thank God he doesn't breed). I brought a new dog in last week, Oscar. Oscar wasn't fixed. That upset Earl and he felt threatened.

I took Oscar on Monday to get neutered and Jeff came back from his foster home on Monday. Earl and Jeff were kennel mates before but to Earl Jeff was new and a threat. Earl took is "frustration" out on Jeff :-(

Jeff is badly bruised and is pretty swollen but the vet said he will be ok in about 5 weeks :-(

Oh about Skittles. So, the people that adopted him seem great. Really nice people, love there female JRT even though she has some issues. They show there female JRT in JRTCA trails. So, that is super cool. They were looking for a JRT no more then 15 inches tall that would do go to ground. You need a JRT that has some prey drive. They liked Billy but he has a tail and you can't register them if the have a tail :-( Anyways, they decided on Skittles. On Skittles paper work it said he was 13 inches tall. They said that was ok.

I met them on Sunday and they were really nice and they really liked him. They emailed me and said that when the got home they measure him and he is only 12 inches tall. The shelter must have measure wrong :-( They are a little disappointed because they have to show in a different division then they wanted to.

I feel really bad. They said other then that they are really happy. There current dog can be nasty with other dogs but they are getting along great and even sent me a picture of the two sleeping in a bed together.

I hope they are happy with Skittles. Do you think I am worrying too much? I just want people to LOVE their dog and the dog to be happy and the people to be happy.... oh maybe I am over thinking it.

Anyway, on top of everything that has been going on with me Gloria my rescue partner took 7 dogs from a dog hoarder in Toledo area. UGH what a mess. One of the dogs has heartworm. One is prego... not far along but God only knows what the dog is breed with......... I have done nothing but run back and forth to the clinic. So, annoying b/c the clinic couldn't be in a more inconvenient out of the way location.. but beggars can't be choosers. The price is right :-)

Everyone cross a paw or 4 that Brindle and George's adoptions go through and that I can save some of the dogs in the shelters. I will try to find time to put up their pictures and locations just in case anyone can help!


Gulliver said...

AND Reno, now Shadow, got adopted. They love him a ton! He is fitting right in. I got a really great email from them! :) Poor Jeff, he looks terrible! I feel so bad for that dog. I think you should tell his story, the one you told me about why you have him and everything that we have been through with him. Ugh, now that dog was born under an unlucky star. I hope we find him a home. He looked so pathetic today.

Theron Hesper said...

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prashant said...

He looked so pathetic today.
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