Monday, November 23, 2009

Sad turn of a events

Last week was a hard week due to some childish, uncalled for behavior. It makes you wonder why when you do a good thing are people so harsh... then you realize... I don't do dog rescue for them, I do it because of them... people just like them that are so harsh to things (people or animals) who can not defend themselves / can't speak out against the cruelty.

My little Dante who has been so sick and is finally feeling better is a perfect example of a person being harsh/cruel/not nice to a living being who was helpless and defenseless against it.

Dante was taken by animal control on a humane call. Not sure of the exact story but the dog warden said that he was living in a small cage, unable to stand, in his own waste. The volunteer who took them from the pound said he was VERY dirty and his nails curled like a curly Q. They were so long he couldn't walk.

Anyway, Dante probably suffered more abuse then just being ignored and now that he is feeling better we are having issues with him not acting nicely :-( I am really worried about what his fate might be. I HATE THIS PART!

It isn't his fault he might be a bit unstable. Some jerk person did this to him. If he was my dog I wouldn't be thinking about it this much but I can't adopt out a dog that I am afraid might bite someone. Hey here is this RIDICULOUSLY cute dog who is a bit crazy and if you are not careful will bite you. Please don't ever tell him no b/c he will growl at you and I am afraid he will bit. UGH! This sucks. I am going to talk to a trainer.. maybe he can help.

Oh and everyone keeps emailing me or asking about the Chihuahua... The C-section was scheduled for Wednesday. However, Tuesday morning Gloria went to go feed everyone their breakfast and Iris would not come out of her crate. She called and called. She reached her hand in and 3 puppies were there in the crate with Iris! She had them all by herself in the middle of the night, not a sound. Gloria said the puppies do not look as big as they did on the x-rays. Thanks goodness! But that poor dog giving birth for the 9 millionth time. At least we can feel good that she will never have to do this again, never have to be uncomfortable and suffer this way again.

I might also be getting a dog from the local shelter who is older and has a tooth that is badly infected and actually caused some type of infection that caused a whole right under eye.. like on her cheek :-( I think it might be a beagle JRT mix. I just feel sorry for her and no one else is going to take an old dog with a health issue and that is totally not fair to let her die like that so I guess I am getting a new dog in.. LOL!

Dante could really use your prayers now so that he realizes no one is ever going to hurt him or be mean to him again. I tell all my dogs that when I get them, I whisper in their ear... "no one will ever hurt you again, PROMISE" I am sure they have no idea what I am saying and I might be weird but at least someone has made a promise to them that they will keep.


Volunteer said...

Yay for the hua! I'm glad that everyone is fine! Get pictures :) Poor Dontae, that is definitely the hardest part of rescue. I whisper to our rescues too. I promise them that they will be loved, cared for and never cold again. I tell them that they don't have to be scared and I hug them tight. Most nights I hug Gulliver tight and tell him how much I love him.

I'm not normal but I don't care.

Gen. Lee Specific said...

Glad to hear the Chihuahua is well, even better that she didn't need the C-Section.

Anonymous said...

I whispered the same thing to our JRT. He was abused before we adopted him and was skiddish. It's been 3.5 years, and I still look him in the eye almost everyday and tell him how much we love him. I also tell him I hope we likes living with us, because we do the best we can to make him happy.

Our other dog was at the shelter for a week before we took her home. She wasn't an abused dog, but she still loves the cuddles and pets. I also tell her everyday that we love her and our little family wouldn't be complete without her or her brother!

Dogs are so awesome. All they know how to do is love you, as long as you don't mess up that instinct. Ours are snuggled up in blankets on the couch right now, crashed out. I wish every dog could have that. Thank you, Amy. You make me appreciate them so much.