Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dogs getting homes???

Friday came and went. And I am sure glad it went quietly. UGH!

Saturday was a busy day I had appointments at 11, 12, 1 and 2. The 11 appointment was just a window shopper but he was referred by a REALLY good home so I can't say no.

12 appointment was someone looking at Mike my little guy from Holmes County. So, freaking cute! He was adopted.

1:00 appointment was for George. I was really excited about this one...... more to come on that in a minute. George did come home but he is back now???!!

2:00pm appointment was for Gordy the black and tan puppy. He did get adopted. NICE FAMILY! So, 2 more puppies to go........ Man I wish they would get homes. Just makes me so sad they aren't in homes. Sherman is at least in a foster home but poor Shorts :-(

Well to fill you in on George. He did go home on Saturday. BUT I got him back on Sunday. I was outside picking up leaves from 8am - 4pm on Sunday.. yes my yard is that big.. LOL! I had my phone in my jacket pocket. I went to go get it just to make sure I didn't have any phone calls. There was a message from a women saying she found a dog with my phone number on it. HUH??? one, two, three, four, five, ect..... I have everyone...... **Beep Beep** my text message goes off. I open my phone it is a picture of GEORGE!


So, I call the lady. She said she found him running through her back yard. I told her George got adopted yesterday. She asked by who, I told her and then she said

"Do me a favor, just come get him before he gets hit by a car." Well according to this lady the person that adopted him leaves her dogs outside when she is not home and they get loose and run away. Nothing has ever happened YET she explained but she would feel horrible if something happened to George and it will!

Long story short. I decide to wait to see how long it took for the lady to call me to tell me George was missing. 5 hours it took. I told a white lie to her because the neighbor asked for me not to tell her what I had found out. My white lie was that I didn't have her number and I wasn't home (the following part is true)so I had a friend pick George up and get him back to the foster home. (this part is a lie) I told her that the person that found the dog went to her home and she wasn't there. She never denied it when I told her what time George was found....

So, I guess I am better off just keeping him in rescue until I can find him a home. George is a NICE dog and I was be CRUSHED if something happened to him. Plus George doesn't run away so I find the fact that he did odd and a sign.. ya know???!!!

Anyway, that really sucked b/c I really liked the lady :-( Her other two dogs were for sure well taken care of but I just can't risk George being hit by a car.

Monday was calm. Yesterday was crazy!

Yesterday I worked very hard with the help of some willing volunteers and passed adopters to save the life of this little guy!

What craziness that was....... literally saved him in the nick of time. He was in Youngstown... Mindy from Alliance picked him up, took him home, spoiled him a bit. Her husband this morning took him to Akron to Missy who has had him at work all day. Missy and I are meeting in 1 hour in Grafton. I am then taking him straight to my vet. Missy fears he may be sick :-(

The dog warden told me that he took this guy from a guy that was keeping him in a cage covered in his own waste :-( A very small cage the dog warden said. **Sigh**

OH!! Almost forgot to tell you I got in TWO more dogs on Friday night (late) a Chi mix and a REALLY REALLY nice JRT female from Holmes County. I am getting another dog tomorrow from Tiffin and um....... should be getting an owner surrender.. waiting to hear about that one. The owner is in a mental institution AND there is another JRT in Mahoning County that I am working on saving.

Geez O' Geez it never ends.... Now if I could get some adopted that would WONDERFUL!

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Lisa Murphy said...


I saw Shorts on Pet Finder. Is he still available. I saw that you may have someone interested. I have a 5 year old mix that I am sure he would love and shorts is so dang cute!!

Thanks for all you do!