Thursday, November 19, 2009

Having fun

Yesterday I worked from 8 - 6:30ish... missing a vet appointment for one of my dogs. Lucky for me my mom was able to get him up there. He was injured and I wanted to make sure everything was looking good on his injuries now that he is off ALL the medicine. The vet said all is looking well.

I had to stop at the vet office to pick up prescription food for a dog that isn't feeling well... a different dog. I ran home to find Mac on my porch which I expected. Mac's foster mom is moving to KY so Mac had to come back. We were both really hoping he would get adopted before she had to move but no such luck. Adoptions are way down. :-(

Then I had a family come over who was interested in meeting Mac. Mac was so nervous and confused and acted like a total butt head. UGH! Well they said they would call me and maybe try for another day. I hope they do, he is really a good dog. Both myself and the foster mom were shocked he acted so strangely.

I then went to the barn, took care of the other dogs, settled in Mac, cleaned stalls, feed the cats, horses, dogs, cleaned kitty litter, normal chores. By the time I got done it was 9pm. I still had to run the food for the sick dog to the foster home. By the time I got home from that it was 10pm. I then had to take care of Dante who is doing VERY VERY WELL by the way.

Then I had to take care of my house cat... still can't believe I have a house cat. lol

Then it was too the computer to get some work done (FOR WORK I might add). I did try to eat something for dinner but at 10:30 at night it is hard to eat.. ya know?

I was on the computer until about 11:30... my system kept timing out so I just gave up and went to bed.

What a day....

Oh and I forgot to mention that when I stopped at the vet office to pick up the prescription food. My good friend was there with a 6 week old puppy that she bought from a back yard breed. I looked at her and just started to cry. It is illegal in the state of Ohio to remove a puppy from it's mom before 8 weeks of age. And she knows what I do, she has sent people to me to adopt.... I don't understand.

Ok, well I am off to work now for what I am guessing will be another long day.


Animal Rescuer said...

I feel your frustration when someone you knows goes off elsewhere to adopt knowing full well what you do. In our case, we've even had numerous volunteers of ours purchase from elsewhere rather than adopt from us. It leaves us dumbfounded every time. *sigh*

Volunteer said...

I let everyone out this morning. Mac was totally confused with everything, he was so distracted that he didn't even know who I was until after ten minutes. He settled down and gave me some love :)

I hope hope hope that they give it another try. He is honestly one of the coolest fosters we have had in a long time. I love that dog!! Like my mom said, taking him home would be a totally different experience. Also, he is realy attached to her so that sould be taken into consideration.

I'm at the airport waiting to board the plane. I'll send you pictures!! We are coming home on Tuesday but not until later. I will probably see you on Wednesday. I will email you our new foster's information. Call her and see if you can set something up! :) YAY! A new foster home!!!

Melinda said...

Yay and Hooray for Dante!! And, of course for you, for taking such good care of him. We have been waiting for good news. Thanks for all you do!