Monday, November 2, 2009

9 owner surrenders NINE!!!!

Well this weekend was good. Skittles found his forever home which I think he is really going to like. They are going to teach him how to do "go to ground" YAY! I love when Jacks get to be Jacks!

Lenny left for his forever home too! YAY FOR LENNY! He gets to be an only dog and get all the attention which is EXACTLY what he wanted :-)

Billy the kid left for a foster home on Sunday. Young lady in Columbus. Perfect for Billy because she has a fenced in back yard and he is comfortably sleeping her in bed when I texted her this morning :-) Billy was NOT happy living in the kennels.. he was ready for a house. What he really needs is a home but we are still looking for that.......

Jeff is being a bad dog at his foster mom's house and I would rather the bad dogs live at my house so that my foster homes don't get burned out. I think Mike is going to go that foster home and Jeff will come back to me. Poor Jeff, he just needs a permanent home.

So, as of right now I have at my house
Sherman - puppy
Shorts - puppy
Gordy - puppy

In foster care I have
George - how he doesn't have a home yet is BEYOND me

I think that is it....

I really need a foster home for the puppies. They are getting older and bigger and have NEVER EVER lived in a house. That just is not fair. Anyone out there want to foster a puppy?

I still have a bunch of dogs on my waiting list at kill shelters. I know I lost a few over the weekend... they were killed.

It is bad out there, no one is adopting, vet prices and dog food are going up and did I mention no one is adopting??!! UGH!

I received 9, yes NINE requests from people wanting to owner surrender their dogs last week Monday - Thursday NINE dogs whose owners no longer want them for whatever reason. How crazy is that? And yet Pet Stores are selling puppies like crazy and Puppy Mills are producing them faster then ever. SICK!

I received the kill list last night. OMG there are probably 10 dogs on that list I would take in a heart beat but I can't because I have no place to put another dog and because adoptions are so slow I can't risk having too many dogs over the winter.


Sorry for the rambling......... a lot on my mind today.. can you tell? LOL!

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