Sunday, November 22, 2009


I wanted to share a typical day of emails with everyone.... I will summarize every email to give you an idea of what I receive:

Email #1:

Found JRT in Dayton Ohio area. The women said:
".....I found a Jack Russell wandering in a street in my area of town tonight on my way home. I couldn't see that anyone was outside looking for it. I stopped to see if she would come to me but she was very shy. I came home and brought my daughter back with me and she was able to coax this little gem over to her. ... She appears to be an old dog. She is very gray around her muzzle. It looks like she may be getting cataracts and she seems like she might be a little hard of hearing. She seems thin. I don't see her ribs when I look at her but I can feel them easily when I pet her. I can also see her backbone a bit. She does not look emaciated like the dogs I've seen rescued on animal planet and her thinness may be due to her age because her hind legs still seem quite muscular. Her toenails don't look great but don't seem terribly overgrown, but could use a trim. She has one dew claw, however, that is completely overgrown in a complete circle. Her ears look very dirty, too. She also seems to have a couple small sores (as small as a pencil eraser) - one on her front lag and one that looks a little worse on her back. The one on her back seems like it might be open a bit and not completely scabbed over."

Email #2:

We found this adorable Jack Russell puppy in Akron, Ohio and so far have been unsuccessful in finding the owner. This is a very sweet and loving dog and deserves a good home. We'd love to keep him but we have 3 dogs already. My husband has secondary progressive MS and our son has Aspergers so we just can't take on any more. Could you please guide me in the right direction? Do you have foster care providers in this area?

We would greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

Email #3:

An email regarding one of my rescue partners foster dogs. Email #4:

The every Sunday Kill List with approximately 80 dogs from 3 pounds on the list. Some just puppies, some mom with babies, some are so skinny you can see every bone in their body, some look scared, others look happy that a human is just touching them in a nice way, some big, some small, some purebreed, some mixes.


An email from a 13 year old who wants a puppy.. I told him his parents need to contact us.. lol Cute!

Email #6:

Picture of one of my foster dogs from the foster mom

Email #7

An application

Email #8

Philly News Article: Flight to Ohio rescues 'puppy-mil' dogs

** I will post the article in a few days so you can all read.

Email #9:

Dayton dog that was lost founder her family. She is 15 years old and deaf and blind so she gets confused. They family was very happy to have her back and the lady that found her thanked me for getting back to her on what to do.

Email #10

Someone that adopted a puppy from me wanting to get a friend for her.

Email #11:

Greyhounds need to be adopted or they will be euthanized.

Email #12:

Response back from a person that turned in an application.

Email #13:

Email back from a potential adopter about arranging a meet and greet.

Email #14:

message regarding vet paper work for a dog I helped place.

Email #15:

message regarding a 3 legged Weimaraner and a Blue Tick Hound that needs homes

Email #16:

Someone needing to re home a 7 month old Fox Terrier puppy who she doesn't have time for b/c she works, had a 2 year old and lives in the country with no fence.

Email #17:

White Shepard beautiful dog at Cuyahoga County Shelter that needs home ASAP.

Email #18:

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary Inc. update

Email #19:

Old Dog Days
Shopping Extravaganza & Open House
Friday and Saturday, November 27 and 28, from 10 AM - 4 PM
Sunday, November 29, from noon- 4 PM

The Sanctuary's Adoption & Education Center, 4681 Broadview Road, Cleveland, OH 4410

Email #20:

URGENTL There is a black lab in need of a home at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.

Email #21:

Dog with seizures needing a home desperately.

Email #22:

Rescue person in need of a large outdoor kennel run.

Email #23:

message from a foster home asking about getting their foster dog to the vet.

Email #24:

message from a person who just adopted a horse I had at my barn and took care of for 2.5 years. She was rescued from a bad horrible situation :-(

Email #25

a women is looking for a home for her sister's GSD. Her sister went into the hospital.


I really didn't get that many emails today.. lol.. pretty quite but most Sunday's are. Monday and Tuesday are usually the days I get a lot more emails. I think people get back to their week day routine and either take breaks from work to look for dogs or realize they need to re home their dogs.

Mondays and Tuesday are usually pretty crazy too b/c the dog pounds always seem to pick up a lot more stray dogs on the weekends and since a lot of pounds are closed on the weekend the volunteers come to "work" on Monday and the pound is packed full of dogs. Most wardens will give volunteers only a day or two to move as many dogs as possible or.....

So, there you have it a sample of what I receive everyday. I am pretty particular about making sure I get back to everyone with in 24 hours. At the very least let them know that I received their email and will follow up soon.

I hear so many people complain that they email rescues and never hear back. I figure my rescue is small enough that I should be able to get back to people pretty quickly... I am sure the larger wider spread rescues get a ton more emails then I do.

It was funny when I was gone on my honeymoon I had 2 people answering emails for me. I gave them access to my email account... the one volunteer said she can't believe the number of emails I get.. LOL!! And the type of emails...

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