Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some more coming...

I have confirmed appointments for someone to come see and possibly adopted Mike and George :-) WOOOHOOOOO!!! I am waiting to hear from the approved application that is interested in Shorts but was also contacted by someone else who I am waiting on an application from them. I am also waiting on an application for what seemed from her email a nice family in Indiana for Butchie. OH PAWS CROSSED!

I did confirm I am getting a sweet JRT mix from Holmes County. I feel bad for her she is pretty skinny. Her name is Josie

I am also working on getting a 9 year old who will be going to foster care with Christie in Troy. Hopefully we can help that little sweet baby too.

Unfortunately, Billy is doing WONDERFUL at his foster home but his foster mom's roommate said he is allergic to him. So, he will be coming back.

Jeff is doing better today, swelling has I think gone down... or maybe it just moved around not sure. I did not go to work today.. just worked from home and he has been sitting next me for the majority of the day while I am on the computer.

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who have been crossing their paws for my rescue and THANK YOU to everyone who may have said a little prayer for my dogs. Whatever you all are doing it is working so please don't stop. I am so so so so happy when dogs are finding homes... makes what I do all worth it!

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