Saturday, November 14, 2009

It is the weekend!

Well Dante is doing GREAT! He is so cute. I have him in my laundry room. I took the "dog tub" which is basically just a regular tub in my laundry room... lol Anyway, I took the dog tub and filled it with blankets and he just lays in there. I have his food and water in there too so if he spills it, it is easier to clean up.. lol He loves it..

I took and put news paper on the floor and he potties right on the paper and then jumps back in his tub.. LOL!

I have been taking him out regularly but with all the medicine he is on he pees a lot. He has been doing very good when I take him outside. He pees at least 10 times every time and poops once a day! I know it sounds silly but a pooping puppy means he is eating! Big deal he is eating b/c if dogs can't smell they don't eat.

He is still very snotty... a lot of stuff coming out of his nose, he is coughing a bit and he is sleeping a lot. I am very excited that he is doing well.

Saturday I had a foster to adopt home come pick up the brindle puppy, shorts. Oh I am so so so so excited. Makes me feel so good to have him in a home. I really hope they want to keep him.. GREAT HOME! I also have someone coming to see Sherman on Sunday. I seriously would feel so so so much better if my puppies had homes. Plus I could really use Sherman's foster home to foster Josie my Chihuahua JRT mix. If I new she was housebroken for sure I am sure she would get adopted a lot faster.. she is cute :-)

I have had 4 extra dogs here for a few days. I am watching my friends two dogs while they are on a mini vacation (they got both of the dogs from me) and I have two dogs from Gloria who are getting adopted from my house Sunday. It will be nice to have them gone.... so stressful having a bunch of extra dogs at my house plus I am afraid to let them off lead because they aren't mine and I haven't had time to work with them to off the least train them. Plus on top of that I have Josie and Andy who are new dogs so I haven't had a chance to work with them on off the leash training AND on top of that I have Dante and Jeff who are still on medicine and separate from everyone else.

Just stresses me out with so many to take care of... ya know? Once 2pm comes around tomorrow I will feel much better b/c several dogs will be gone and it will be a little less hectic.

Oh.. geeze... it is late and I have a huge day tomorrow... have a lot of people coming over tomorrow for dogs and then I have to go to Sam's club and Tractor Supply. I have to get some house necessities and I need cat food, cat bed and oats for my one horse... ugh! Long day tomorrow.

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