Thursday, November 19, 2009

I could quit but the faces would haunt me...

Getting all the haunting emails of who is going to be put down if someone doesn't help them, getting all the emails about dogs tied up outside (hello coyote food), hearing about all the people who are breeding for no real reason, getting the pictures of dogs that are mangled, broken, all used up from breeding..... horrible.

Like yesterday I think to myself "it would be so easy to just quit!" I mean really why deal with all the horrible stuff? Why?

I could just quit and not have to get emotionally beat up by people who don't understand. I started writing this blog so that people would understand the ups the downs the CRAZY people rescuers deal with.... not to mention it is a nice stress reliever to just vent about the things I see/hear/etc.

Some days are harder then other to deal with the reality of rescue.... see a face and know that tomorrow their won't be a tomorrow for that face :-( Yesterday was one of those days... too many faces looking at me, too many eyes worried and confused needing help but I can only do so much. Then I have people who clearly don't understand attacking me.

It would be so easy to just walk away. Why deal? Apparently my own friends who know what I go through don't even get it so really what am I doing besides spinning my wheels in the mud?

Then I realize, there are some people who get it... there are some people who may not have known something and now they do, either through me just talking about it or through this blog. Then I realize if I were to walk away from dog rescue who would pay? The dogs with their lives. The faces would haunt me and upset me way more then a few uneducated people.....


AMP said...

Go Amy!!

niknora69 said...

Hey Amy,
We met awhile back. I have been following your blog for several months. I aam amazed at the things you deal with. But you just keep doing what you are doing. I have learned alot just reading your blog.
YOu hang in there!!!
Nora Lill

Anonymous said...

just know amy that so many things that so many people do and say go un-noticed or un recognized....unheard... it takes people a minute or two to realize what point a person is trying to make. . with some people , it takes longer.
i think the more time you work on this, the more people you will touch. they may absorb some of the information....maybe not. some people i have talked to about you and the dogs really have no idea that there is such a thing as a suffering dog. let alone millions of them.
so now they know(but did it stick with them?) they may not about dog auctions or puppy mills... they do not know how huge an impact their unnuetered male has on the number of dogs on death row. or the behavior of their obnoxious pet.
it may take several encounters and several reminders...
but will they catch on?
that is why i think kids are so important ....if their friends are over, they see sara (or paige or baby jane) and fall in love with her and that gives us an opportunity to to pass on the message. the kids go to school and back to thier families and so on. and the seed is planted. a little bit at a time.
keep it up amy....