Monday, July 28, 2008

I am not the only one who gets emails from crazy people!

A rescue rep in another state sent me this. At least I know I am not the only one!

Here is the email the other rescue rep. received:


I filled out and submitted an application to adopt a Jack Russell Terrier almost two weeks ago. To date, I have received no acknowledgement or response of any kind. The only thing I can figure is that either there are no JRT's available in this area, or that your organization is just non-responsive and uncaring. With this in mind, I am no longer interested in working with your rescue organization to find a JRT. Please cancel my adoption application immediately.

Thank you,
Chicago, Illinois

Here is what the rep wrote back:


Please accept my apology. Did you send your application directly to us at XXXXX@aol.com_ , or through the website?

Contrary to your misguided assumptions, we in rescue are neither uncaring and unresponsive, nor without JRTs in need of homes. We are simply a group of volunteers who have dedicated our lives, phones, email accounts, homes, cars, bank accounts, and hearts to rescuing unwanted JRTs and trying to place them in appropriate homes. With 100+ emails a day coming in, it's more than a little possible to miss one now and then. Most people simply send a reminder, or an email asking if, perhaps, their email had gotten lost in cyberspace. Some people resend their application - a rational and logical response to a situation such as this. Searching through all my emails, I see nothing from your email address, and so can only conclude that your application was, indeed, lost along the way.

It's unfortunate that you are unable to tolerate such occurrences, but it is best to realize that a lost email is nothing compared to the frustrations of life with a rescued JRT, and so, perhaps this miscommunication has spared both you, me, and any dog you may have adopted from us the unfortunate fate of being placed in a home with someone lacking in the necessary patience to deal with such a dog. I guarantee I don't have any dogs in rescue who would do well with an owner for whom patience and understanding are in such short order, nor do I know of any dog anywhere who would thrive in such a situation. I hope you will reconsider getting a dog at all.


I seriously think I almost died laughing when I read her email back to him. That is so freaking funny. But of course the jerk couldn't help him self. He wrote back:

I will not accept your false apology. Why did you choose to berate and insult me instead of trying to make up for your one of your co-volunteers shortcomings. Feeling guilty? I was patient for two weeks. If the web site is not functioning properly and delivering e-mails properly, then get it fixed or shut it down till it is fixed. E-mail does not just get "lost in cyberspace". That's a ridiculous. If you don't have the time, patience or understanding to process 100 e-mails a day, you are definitely in the wrong business.

Don't get on your high horse with me. I am both rational and logical You shouldn't be associated with any type of rescue organization with your cruel, mean and unfeeling attitude. I know how to care for a JRT, I find them much more intelligent and much better companions than most humans, such as yourself. It's a shame I had to deal with someone like you to begin with. Obviously, YOU are not perfect either.

I guess this guy doesn't work at a large corporation. I don't know about you but I have had work emails lost before... ones coming to me and ones I have sent out so it is possible. Telling S she is in the wrong business. OMG I wish this was a business and then maybe I just afford to I don't know PAY FOR MY WEDDING!! LOL!!

S is one funny lady and you don't piss her off... here is what she said back:


Your first contact with me was rude and insulting. Perhaps you are accustomed to getting positive results with that attitude, but you'll find that there are people who react in a way other than you'd expected. Mail does get mis-delivered. I ask again, to whom did you send your application? I truly don't think it was me, which makes your tantrum even less appropriate, if that's possible. But even if it did come to me, Mr Pot, you should check yourself before calling us kettles black.

Berate and insult? Re-read your own original email. I have nothing to "make up for" and certainly do not feel guilty for refusing to allow your arrogance to go unanswered. Your are a pompous and rude individual. You don't need a dog, you need a lesson in civility.

When you have done the work I do for the hundreds of unwanted, abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs I deal with each year, I will defy you to call me " cruel, mean and unfeeling;" until then I will mark your comments down to ignorance.

The one thing you've said that's true is that I'm not perfect...but then again, I don't pretend to be.


OMG I think I completely lost it with her response. I know the feeling of dealing with people who just don't have a clue. All I can do is laugh and shack my head at people who live in a bubble and think the world revolves around them.. LOL!!

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