Saturday, July 5, 2008

Adopted!!! YAY

So, today was good. I had a family drive all the way from MI (3 hours) to pick a JRT. The decided on Helen but she won't be ready to go for 2 weeks. She isn't fixed yet. They said it wasn't a big deal, the drive was easy so they will be back in 2 weeks to pick up Helen. Then another couple came out, also looking for a JRT. They live about 45 minutes from me and they picked Spud II. He is getting fixed and will be ready to go in 2 weeks which they said was perfect b/c they need to get a crate and all the dog related stuff. So, that only leaves me with what 18 JRT's.. LOL!! I don't even know how many I have right now... LOL!!

Then this afternoon a lady came cover and adopted my sweet Great Pyrenees. YAY!! She already has one but she is 13 years old and she knows that it might not be too much longer for her. They are only supposed to live to be 12.

Oh and I have a lady from Chicago that wants to come meet and possibly adopted Turner my puppy mill rescue from last year. 6 hour drive! I think the foster home is on vacation b/c I haven't been able to reach her all week. I need to remember to try to call her tomorrow.. If I don't hear back from her by Monday I am going to swing by her house on my way home from work b/c the lady from Chicago wants to come on Friday. I am so excited about that b/c whenever someone is willing to put the time into a puppy mill rescue and drive that far, it is usually a great home.

Well.... um.. I don't think too much else is going on. I need to get better pictures of some of my JRT"s so that I have print outs of them for the adoption event on Saturday... that is if I am still going... I was thinking about it and well I only have 2 JRT / beagle mixes to take...everything else is a JRT or my two Rat Terriers aren't fixed so they can't go.

Ok, well email was slow today but here is to hoping I get some hits tomorrow... LOL!!

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