Saturday, July 12, 2008

At my limit.. LOL!

Well Friday was a bad day and I am not sure today was much better. I am just feeling very overwhelmed with dogs right now. This morning I checked my email and some guy emailed me this

"We have a need to place one of our JR's up for adoption immediately. My family has done all we can and today is our final day. I would like to put him with a rescue organization for JR's but unless we at least here from you or someone today - he will be surrendered to the local dog shelter where he will not be properly treated or placed. He's a great dog but like all JR's he needs a lot of attention or will continue to find himself in trouble. He was born last summer so he is just about a year old and coming out of the "bad" puppy stage. . Long legged broken coat, mostly white with brown markings. Attached is a recent picture."

When I read this email today it pushed me over the edge. I HATE THREATS!!! If you want to kill your dog by taking it to the shelter then do it, don't try to blame me for you being an a$$hole and taking the dog to the shelter. UGH!!

Gloria emailed him and explained we are full to the brim with dogs and have a waiting list of shelter dogs. She gave him some tips on how to maybe place the dog him self and some training tips if he wanted to try to work it out. He email back this"

"We currently have one 8 YO F JR and a lab rescue both are wonderfully behaved and good citizens. This past winter I purchased the new JR (Harley) from a pet store at the request of my 3 yo son. We did not and will not have the opportunity to turn him into a good citizen. In March my wife's Grandmother passed and my Mother was killed in a car accident and so 2008 has generally not been a good year with traveling, estates, et al. I simply do not have the time to help this little dog. He has severe chewing and nipping issues and mild housebreaking accidents that have been tolerated by my wife and today was the last straw when when ruined an expensive Natuzzi leather chair for the 2nd time, multiple pieces of family heirloom furniture, bannisters , and carpet - wood floor chewing. I did drive him (Harley) to the Franklin County Dog Shelter today, but absolutely could not leave him there where he could be euthanized or put with a inappropriate family. One of our neighbors agreed to take him for the next day or 2.He really is a GREAT dog, but needs someone to love him more than we are able.I could really use help!!!"

So this is what I wrote back to him.

"I am going to be honest with you, your first mistake was buying a puppy from a pet store but what is done is done.

Also, when I read your first email it made me so mad. I don't really understand the need for threats. Your exact comment was "but unless we at least here from you or someone today - he will be surrendered to the local dog shelter where he will not be properly treated or placed."

Seriously what did you think you were going to gain by making that comment?

I am sorry if I am coming off harsh but I really am not in a good mood today. The last two days have been horrible (not that you care) but because of irresponsible pet owners, I just lost half my hay crop to rain b/c I was too busy running all over Ohio helping dogs whose owners have given up on them. I currently have 20 dogs living at my house who are looking for loving families. I sent three 3 month old JRT puppies to the gas chamber yesterday because I am totally out of room. There are two more dogs that will be killed on Tuesday if I can't make room and I probably will not be able to. Not to mention a family member passed away Thursday.

Your dog has not a clue how expensive your couch is. If you know he chews then why have you given him the freedom to chew on things? I don't know the whole story and not sure what you mean by nipping... there is a huge difference between puppy nipping and biting because he is aggressive.

Honestly, to me hiring a trainer sounds like a lot of these issues could be fixed. I know at this time I personally can't take in another dog. However what Gloria or KY rescue decide is up to them.

You have to understand we are volunteers. We have lives outside of rescue and we are willing to help those who truly need help but 99% of the time the owners can help themselves and make a happy ending for everyone.

Good luck to you."

I know I was being mean but I am so sick and tired of people dumping their dogs. OMG people give a little effort. There was a lady that adopted a Puggle from my rescue partner Gloria. Nice dog but needed a lot of work. Although at first she wanted to give up, she didn't and now she is so thrilled at how well he is doing. Did it take a lot of work? YES! Were there days she wanted to give up? YES! Did she NO!!!! At least she gave me hope that not everyone is lazy.. LOL!!

Anyways, so here is the guys email back to me

"Sorry. Didn't mean to come off as a threat. I emailed Gloria on May 28th but didn't hear back and and this time I wanted to convey the urgency.
Doesn't seem like I've made a very good impression on you all.
My wife is actually taking him to the shelter right now herself. "

Once again NOT HIS FAULT that he had to take the dog to the shelter. All Gloria's fault. Here is what Gloria said to him

"I was in Florida for 2 weeks over Memorial Day. Had over 3,000 emails when I returned. May have missed yours. Sorry."

I then wrote this

"Good for your wife. Hey whatever is easiest for you, right? Good values to teach your children. If something is old or a bother to you it is disposable even if it is a living breathing creature. I hope your children don't ruin your expensive chair.

Honestly there is probably a release fee to take the dog to the pound, you should have just taken him to the vet to be put to sleep. At least that way he won't die alone in a gas chamber, put in a black plastic bag and thrown in a dumpster like trash. Or adopted from the shelter and abused for the rest of his life.

He was a puppy that need training not dumped. I hope you can sleep tonight, I know I won't be able to.

A trainer and effort is all it would have took."

I will be honest with you, my readers. Normally I just let them know that I am full and how to place the dog on their own or if the dog has "issues" how to help "fix" those issues and try to work with them to find a better solution to dumping their dog. This guy today just pushed me over the edge.

I just can't stand when people say if you don't take my dog I will take it to the pound or if you don't take my dog I am putting it to sleep. Not to sound harsh but it is your dog, I can't stop you from doing whatever you want to do with the dog but news flash I am not dropping everything to run to your house to get the dog because you are LAZY or because you have to move into an apt. You mean you didn't know till this morning that you were getting kicked out of your house? You just woke up and the bank was standing at your front door knocking. You answered the door and they said "Hi. We are your mortgage company. You haven't paid your mortgage in about a year now so we are taking your home. Get out!"

Yea, I don't think so!


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Lacey said...

Nice post... you are so kind to your pets. I too love my pet dog Charles & try to keep him happy.