Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I might as well talk to the wall.

The one thing I always say is EDUCATION!! How do you stop someone from taking drugs? Education so they never begin in the first place. How do you stop someone from getting pregnant at the age of 14? EDUCATION on either don't have sex or ways to prevent getting pregnant. How do people become successful in their jobs? EDUCATION! Get a degree, get certified, etc.

I feel that the more I tell people about RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH where you are buying a dog from. Make sure that the breeder is not a back yard breeder or a puppy mill. If people know what to look for then they will not go out willy nelly and buy the first cute thing they see.

Want to know the warning signs to look for when buying a puppy? Check out

Things you should always ask the breeder / person you are getting the puppy from:


However, I am just wondering IS ANYONE LISTENING TO ME????

Seriously, am I wasting my breath?

I have had several people close to me BUY A DOG from not so legitimate people :-( Why? Why? would you do that? Why?

"I found them in the news paper." They say to me. Do you really think a legitimate breeder would advertise in the news paper? Legitimate breeders almost ALWAYS have all their puppies spoken for before they even breed. Of course you never know how many puppies a dog will have so sometimes there is an extra one or someone backs out at the last minute but for the most part a legitimate breeder will already have the homes picked out for the puppies.

A legitimate breeder or even a rescue person will not allow puppies to leave there mom until they are AT LEAST 8 weeks old. First and sometimes second round shots are done, they are spayed or neutered or they make you sign a contract saying this will be done before the dog is 6 months or 1 year old.

I have had people say to me "but it has papers" WOOHOO for you. Doesn't mean a thing! AKC is nothing more then a money making business. The more puppies the more money they get for registration!! There are no DNA tests so God only knows who the parents are for sure. Heck I have a "Pure Breed" Australian Shepard that was an owner turn in to the pound because the guy had a litter and couldn't sell them all. I got her from the pound but knew right away that she was not a pure Aussie. I had her DNA tested... she is an Aussie, Chow, German Shepard, Beagle, Basset Hound mix. Pure breed MUTT is all she is!!

Oh my favorite line is "I rescued the dog from the Pet Store." You did? So, you didn't pay anything for the dog? You talked to the owner of the Pet Store and he gave you the dog and you took it to the vet got all the vet care it needed? Yea, I didn't think so. You bought it! You paid several hundred dollars for a dog that was probably sick and you had to spend a ton more money on. Right?

Ok, so you did a good thing that puppy wouldn't be a live if it wasn't for you. BUT you just stuck $300, $400, maybe even $1,000 into the hands of someone that is going to turn around and buy MORE puppies, subject MORE puppies to that life, expose MORE puppies to illness and mis treatment. So, really you just condemned MORE dogs to a life of sickness and possible death!

Think of it this way. Go to the store and buy a record. Any mega big box store. WalMart, KMart, Target, etc. Can you find one? Probably not. Why is that?


So, if people would STOP BUYING puppies from stores guess what would happen????? They wouldn't sell puppies at stores any more. Which would then make it so the Puppy Mills wouldn't have stores to sell puppies to so they would create less and what does that mean


Seriously, do I talk to my self?

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Thoughts said...

People are idiots. Its a good thing you are at least TRYING to educate others.

You are a wonderful person becuase of what you do. I know you must try to not let it bother you but its nearly impossible.

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