Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What I deal with EVERYDAY!!!!

I just had to share this chain of emails with you. I get emails like this daily and pretty much tell the people the same thing every time. His reaction and my response is what I think is so funny.

Here are the emails in order:

Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 8:09:46 PM
Subject: My Jack Russell

Hello. My name is Kyle E###, and I'm from Reynoldsburg Ohio. I have a Jack Russel that may family can't handle anymore. We still love him to death, but hes bitten a few people, and whenever a door is open he will make a bolt for it. Since we can't handle him anymore, we need someone who can take care of him, and we know who will. Some place with a big yard and without the distraction of being able to attack somebody, like in the country or something. He's usually very lazy and sleeps all day, but when somebody comes over, he's all hops and licks, but if they try to leave he nips at them, or tugs on their clothing. His name is Jack Eakin and he does need a home. It's either he can get a home somehow, or we put him down, and that's the last thing we want to do. So, could you please help me and my family?? We don't want to live in constant anxiety from wondering if he'll bolt out the door or if he'll bite somebody and get put down. We really need your help.

-Kyle E###
(614) 759-####
P.S. My phone number is there just in case you need to call.

Ok, seriously what do you think my response would be to this email? OH PLEASE PLEASE let me take in this biting aggressive dog that scares you and adopt it out to a family where a small child can get bit and be disfigured for life. Seriously, what did he think I was going to say?

Well here is what I said:

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 17:32:29 -0700
Subject: Re: My Jack Russell

Hi Kyle -

I am sorry to say that a dog that bites can not be adopted out. Any dogs showing aggression either towards people or other dogs in our rescue are euthanized.

Since your dog has bitten if you try to re home him you MUST disclose this to the new owner. They new owner will more then likely need to carry special insurance on their home in case the dog bites again. The only problem is if he does bite the new owners can (and I have seen it happen to someone) sue you. You could honestly loose everything you own.

Also, you are emotionally attached to the dog so you would never abuse him but someone who isn't attached him will abuse him for his behavior. Your poor dog will die a horrible painful death from abuse.

I know you said a big farm or something but I live on a big farm and people LOVE to ride their bikes through the country. That would be a prime target for him to bite... there isn't a safe place anywhere for a biting dog.

I know this isn't what you want to hear but if your dog is aggressive and has bitten people you need to do what is right by everyone... the dog, you and potential people that he may bite. You need to put him to sleep in your loving arms. He is obviously mentally ill and unlike humans there isn't medicine or a therapist that is going to help those mental issues.

Again I know this is not what you want to hear but if I take him I will euthanize him and he will die alone feeling unloved... he doesn't know me. If you take him to a shelter, kill or no kill they will put him to sleep for biting as well. He will then die in a gas chamber be put into a plastic bag and dumped in the trash :-( That is really what they do :-(

Do what is right by your dog, I beg you before some little child gets bit or something really really bad happens.

So, today I get this email from him:

Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008 10:27:51 PM
Subject: RE: My Jack Russell

Well, I just hope you know, that my dog was put down today, and it killed me to do so. And if your organization doesn't take in biting dogs to help them, your whole purpose is all but naught. That's the whole meaning of "Russell Rescue". You're supposed to save jrt's, and mine needed saving. I just hope you're happy that you failed at your job, and that you've killed a dog. Have fun.

I realize he is just mad that he couldn't blame anyone for his dog's behavior. So, I wasn't really angry about this email... made me laugh actually. Here is what I wrote back.

News flash, if I would have taken in a biting dog I would have put it to sleep. So, I guess his fate was euthanizing either way. Better that he went to sleep in the arms of someone that loved him then a stranger.

And guess what THIS ISN'T MY JOB!! I am a volunteer!

I am actually happy that an owner took responsibility for his own dog and did what was right. Someone was going to get hurt and you did the right thing.

So did I fail at my JOB? No I am actually very successful in my job. Did I fail in my volunteer work? NOPE! I educated you and you did the right thing.

I know you are angry and want to blame someone but guess what I didn't breed the dog, train the dog or own the dog so really none of this is my fault. If you want to blame someone blame the breeder, the pet store, the puppy mill who ever you got the dog from. I really don't know you so I will not excuse you of anything like you did to me but in some cases it is the owner who causes a dog to be aggressive either through spoiling, not properly training or abusing the animal. Again, not saying you did any of these things.

Our mission is to help HOMELESS pets and place them in forever homes. Do you think we have a facility? Well we don't. We have MY HOUSE!!!! With 3 out door kennels and few volunteers. NONE of us our vets or trainers so I am not sure what you would expect us to do with your aggressive dog besides putting it to sleep. Sorry, I am not having it on my head if an aggressive dog hurts / scares a child.

We adopt out the dogs to the general public, there is no such thing as a special home for an aggressive dog. There is only one Cesar Milan (a.k.a the dog whisper) in this world and I think he has enough dogs! Therefore the dogs that we adopt out are NOT AGGRESSIVE. Again I repeat I would have just put your dog to sleep anyway.

So, I thank you every much for doing right by your dog. I am sad for the dog b/c it is not his fault but happy that he is no longer suffering mentally.

Thanks for doing right by everyone!

So, here is a taste of the emails I get EVERYDAY. People ask why do I help dogs and not people.... I think you have your answer! LOL.

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