Friday, July 25, 2008

My birthday present

So, yesterday July 24th was my 30th birthday. UGH!

For my birthday I rescued 4 dogs that were going to be killed. Two big dogs, one 4 month old terrier mix and Fran. Fran is very special as you can see!

She is missing all of this hair because of FLEAS!! You can't touch her because it hurts her but she wants you to pet her so badly. She just wants love and attention. When you do pet the small part of her head that doesn't have sores all over it, it is hot because of the infection on her skin from all the open sores and her scratching at them.

My vet gave her revolution to get rid of all the fleas and I am able to give her a bath tomorrow with special medicated shampoo.

We have no idea if she will make it through this because the infection on her skin could cause more issues. I will know in about two weeks if she will make it.

So, my birthday present to me was saving dogs that really needed me and that especially means Fran!!

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