Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sorry it has been so long

To anyone who reads this sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything. It has been CRAZY!!

Well I got 4 dogs last Thursday off transport. Helen, Mable, Rob, Kip. I got Arthur on Sunday and two more last night Ben and Spud II. Everyone is a JRT except Rod and Kip they are Rat Terriers and REALLY nice dogs.

I had to turn down two female JRT's today. I said if they can hold them till next week I will try to make the room. I hate saying that but I have NO WHERE to put anyone.

I have 5 dogs in Kennel 1, 4 in Kennel 2 and 3 and I have 1 in the barn with Kennel cough.

Monday I have to take 7 dogs to the vet office after work for shots and then make appointments to get them all neutered and spayed.

Saturday I am going to try to do an adoption event with the one that are ready to go.

Oh did I tell you the girl that adopted Jodie brought her back. I knew that was going to happen. She broke up with her boyfriend and had to move out of the house... I lectured her about the responsibilities of a dog and "what if you move" Oh I would never move somewhere I couldn't take Jodie. REALLY! that last a month and half. UGH!!

So some really awesome non dog related news... my best friend had her baby on Tuesday. SO FREAKING CUTE!! I really don't like babies but this one well I am the God Mom so of course I think he is the best thing ever!! LOL!!

Well I am hoping for a good weekend. I have someone to come "pick a dog" on Saturday and someone coming to meet Mora my Great Pyrenees. So, with any luck maybe two will get adopted. I just got my pet finder account up an running so I am hoping for some hits from that this weekend.

Off to check email and pray there aren't any JRT's that need me right now!!

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