Saturday, August 1, 2009

Michael Vick

Michael Vick's Virginia hometown are preparing a "celebration" on Aug 8th for the former NFL quarterback.

The planner for this atrocity is Andrew Shannon, SCLC Chapter President you can contact him at (757) 877-0792 Fax: 757 313-9615 -



Michael Vick was identified in April 2007 as "the key figure" of an extensive unlawful interstate dogfighting ring operating over a period of five years, leading to massive negative publicity and separate federal and state felony charges and convictions under plea agreements, as well as payment of approximately $1 million for care and rehabilitation of some of the dogs.

He has been suspended from play by the NFL since August 2007. In December 2007, he was sentenced to serve a 23 month federal prison term; 3 years of prison time in Virginia on other charges was suspended upon condition of good behavior. With loss of his substantial NFL and product endorsement income, Vick filed for Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy protection in July 2008, with liabilities of $20.5 million and assets of $16 million. His bankruptcy case has yet to be resolved.

Vick was released from prison on May 20, 2009. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has said he will consider lifting his suspension, though Falcons owner Arthur Blank has said he does not want Vick to return to his team. Vick has reportedly exercised while in prison and anticipates a return to the NFL.

On June 12, 2009, Vick was released by the Falcons, after numerous attempts to trade him failed. On July 27, 2009, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell conditionally reinstated Vick.

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