Thursday, August 13, 2009

Puppies have arrived

Yesterday I received a female JRT mix and 6 puppies. The puppies are 2 weeks old. They were turned over to Holmes County Dog Pound (aka Kill shelter) by the mom's owner. The owner was sick of the stupid dog getting pregnant. OMG SERIOUSLY????!!!! UGH!!

Also yesterday I got two dogs from Henry County Dog Pound (aka Kill Shelter). They were owner surrenders. A 8 year old JRT and a 3 year old mix. The owner was pregnant and couldn't have the dogs. I guess you can't have a dog and be pregnant at the same time??
I MIGHT understand if these were HUGE dogs and bad but they are under 20 pounds and REALLY nice dogs.
Oh and to top if off they were already fixed, had ID tags on and are micro chipped. So, at one time they were loved and cared for. I don't understand why being pregnant changes all that? I am sure 100% for sure these two dogs would have been just fine with a baby in the house they are sweet dogs.

Could you imagine being 8 years old, living your entire life with the same family and then one day BAM you are in a shelter moments away from being gassed to death???!! That poor dog probably thought she was being dropped off at a boarding kennel and can't figure out why she has been there so long.
Today is the day for Gilligan to have his leg removed. I am picking him up around 6pm. I hope everything turns out ok. Poor dog is loosing a leg and getting neutered. He is never going to want to go the vet again..LOL!
Larry is getting adopted today too. I am super excited about that. The couple seems really nice and Larry is a very good dog.
I am also going to need to get ready for the adoption event on Saturday. I am so nervous it isn't even funny. I REALLY needs to get some dogs adopted. I haven't gotten any inquires about dogs in a week now. Things are SLOW SLOW SLOW! Way more dogs should be getting adopted then this... I can't save more if I can't get the ones I have adopted... oh stress.
After Saturday is over then I have to get ready for a garage sale and my husband's old house. It sold so now we have to get rid of all the extra stuff. Some stuff it his some is mine but it is all in his garage. Then the following weekend my niece is driving in the demo derby at our county fair. Then it is labor day weekend and I might be going 4-wheeling in WV (depending on how many dogs I have). THEN is the puppy party and then it is Woolly Bear festival..I am going to have a booth at the Woolly Bear festival with a few dogs up for adoption and some fund raiser stuff to sell. Oh I am nervous about the Wooly Bear Festival..anyone who wants to come sit with me please come up. I am stuck there from 10am - 6pm. UGH! Long day!

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