Friday, August 14, 2009

This is NOT a paying job!

Dog rescue is not a paying job and I am not a miracle worker. I have a real job that I have to drive to every day, 30 miles to be exact. I have a real job that pays my bills AND THE BILLS FOR ALL THE HOMELESS DOGS! I have a real job where I spend every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8am to 5pm. I have a family, A VERY BIG family with two elderly parents who I take care of / watch over. I have a husband who feels he is second in my life to the dogs. I have dreams and hopes and dogs of my own.

Why is it that just because I want to do something in life that actually has meaning do people think I have nothing better to do then take their dogs into my rescue? Why is it that people think I am some type of miracle worker?

Dear Amy -

I have a 2 year old deaf JRT who barks non stops, destroys everything, digs and has chewed his way out of our chain link fence more then once. We are not able to keep him any longer as we can not provide him the attention he needs.

My husband and I work full time..........

Really you work full time??? NO WAY!! Both of you?? Wow that must be tough. I personally just sit around all day and wait for people who don't want their dogs which they bought on impulse from the pet store and never trained to email me so I can spend EVERY SINGLE WAKING HOUR OF MY LIFE REHABILITATING YOUR DOG. I mean I don't want you to have to stop taking tennis lessons or hanging out with your friends after work.



I am contacting you today because we are moving into a new home and our dog of 10 years is no longer able to control his movements. He has pretty much ruined all the carpets in our current home. We feel it is best that he finds a new family to live out his life. We do not want to take him to a shelter because we are afraid he would be put to sleep because of his age and condition.......

OMG no way you are moving into a brand new house! Oh yea please please bring your dog right over. I would hate for you to be inconvenienced by your dog. Good thing I live in a piece crap house where dogs can just poop and pee everywhere!

I need your help. I have a 4 year old JRT that was my husbands dog before we got married. The dog is extremely aggressive and has bitten both me and my husband as well as my 7 year old numerous times. We are having our first child together and I fear how the dog will act with a small baby in the house. The dog is very aggressive with other animals and is not fixed.

Can you help us find him a home where there are no children or other animals?

Seriously lady??? Where exactly is that home?? ON THE MOON??

Ok, sorry I just had to let out my frustration and make a few jokes. And yes these are real examples of the types of emails I receive... Granted my comments here are not what I say to the people, I do give them suggestions on what can be done and / or help them the best I can to make the right decision for everyone involved. AND YES ANONYMOUS who thinks I am pro abortion (check I HATE PETLAND posts comments) I sometimes recommend HUMANELY euthanizing the animal.... not drowning it mind you... humanely euthanizing it.

This dog rescue stuff is not easy! For sure!

I did a count about a month ago of how many dogs I have pulled from shelters, how many were placed, how many were sick / old and passed away and how many I have humanely euthanized for being aggressive. The numbers were shocking.


House of the Discarded said...

I wish I had a nickel for every time I wrote a post like that in frustration!


Anonymous said...

Amy - I could not agree with your comments more and I feel you pain....wanting to be able to actually say those things!! People need to MAN up and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE LIVING CREATURES THEY BRING INTO THEIR HOME. PETS ARE NOT DISPOSABLE!!!! They deserve to be treated just the same as the rest of the family. My heart BREAKS for the dogs who belongs to IDIOTS who think it would be OK to find a home for their senior dog to live out it's days so it doesn't ruin their precious carpet. What pieces of trash!!! UNBELIEAVBLE!

Jaime said...

I dont know how you do it. I would just want to tell these people off!!