Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 more dogs in today??!!

Yes, I am crazy. Totally and completely crazy and need to be seen by a doctor. LOL!

I got in 3 new dogs today. My local pound was pretty full and come on look at these dogs TOO CUTE! Granted I am a fan of JRT's and Aussies so it is really hard for me to say NO. LOL!

I don't know much about them but I guess I will when I get home.

So, today is going to be CRAZY!

Bonnie is getting dropped off at my house tonight probably around 6:30, I have an approved adopter coming to see Moxy at 7pm. Drive is getting dropped off around 7 and at 7:30 an approved family is coming to meet him.

I need to settle in the 3 new dogs I got today, give them shots, worm them.... Kirsten (a volunteer) said the male Aussie has kennel cough.. GREAT! So, him and Lucy a JRT I got last week need to go on medicine.. which reminds me need to stop at the vet office on the way home. Out of medicine.

I need to give Leroy his booster shots.

And of course play with, feed and clean up after the dogs, feed horses, clean the goats stall, take care of the mom dog and puppies AND um yea, I think that is it. LOL!

So, good news Gilligan (the dog with 3 legs) is doing great. I think I breifly mentioned I picked him up on Saturday morning. He is doing good and seems to be able to climb stairs (at least 4 of them that go to my porch) and wants to play with the other dogs. A little trouble trying to lift his leg to pee but he will figure it out.

Pretty sure Gilligan has a home.. just waiting to hear back from the guy. He said he would call me today to make arrangements to pick up Gill. Oh and get this Gilligan is housebroken, how super awesome is that?!

Oh and Sassy has a foster to adopt home. YAY!! Fenced in yard, no other dogs so she gets all the attention AND her vet reference... I said her name and the lady was like "I don't have to look up her file. Nancy does everything and anything for her dogs. Great home." YAY!! I even asked if they thought she would be ok with a deaf JRT. And they said Oh heck yea!

YAY!! Wow this week is WAY better then last week. I better stop talking about it.. LOL!! I am getting excited dogs are getting adopted. I love happy endings.


Carrie said...

Your new 'kids' are adorable. :-) May they find new homes and that right quick!

~Andeelyn~ said...

I am so in love with Gilligan :)

Thoughts said...

Love all the new guys and gals, best of luck with them :)


k8_is_great said...

Hey look! It's your "white dog with a black head!" Maybe you should keep that one for yourself, it's a cutie!