Monday, August 31, 2009

JRT's are falling from the sky!!!!!!!

In the last 24 hours I have received 4 emails from people with JRT's in a bad situation...

#1. A 70 plus year old women's daughter contacted me. Her mother who lives alone in a condo community bought TWO JRT puppies back in June from some breeder in the Columbus area. She wanted a dog, saw a sign on the side of the road and stopped. She fell in love with one of the JRT puppies......... like seriously who wouldn't JRT's puppies are SO FREAKING CUTE.. and they are cute for a reason.. they are bad.. LOL!! Anyways, the older women thought the JRT she liked was so bonded with his litter mate she better take them both. OMG WHAT!!!

So, some asshole (sorry but there is no better word to describe him) sold a 70 plus year old women with failing health, little income and a bad mind TWO JRT puppies.

Did he see her coming or what?? Oh I get so so so mad when people take advantage of the elderly. I just want to scream!

I really wish I could find out who this "breeder" aka asshole is that keeps selling all these JRT's to people in the Columbus area. In the past year I must have received a dozen emails from people probably more about JRT's they got from this guy.. it has to be the same guy. They all live in Columbus area and say the same thing... saw the sign on the side of the road. It was a farm with JRT's running around everywhere...


Sorry had to scream!

Anyways, I am working on getting the two dogs from the lady. I feel so bad for her. Apparently the dogs have gotten away from her so many times that she doesn't let them outside any more. They are gated in her kitchen and go to the garage to go potty... UGH! Can you imagine the smell on a hot day :-(

I feel so bad for the dogs and the lady. I told her daughter that I would help her find a dog that would be more suitable for her.. and HOUSEBROKEN! If my leads for Dolly fall through I may offer her Dolly. I mean that would be perfect for Dolly.. someone to follow around and a lap to sit on.

A guy contacted me that he just recently got custody of his 4 year old daughter. His JRT growls and tucks his tail every time the 4 year old comes near him. He said he doesn't know why but his Dad... the grandfather of the 4 year old emailed me and said the 4 year old is not nice to the dog. Not sure what that means.....

The guy who owns the dogs seems stressed and worried. He doesn't want anything bad to happen to the dog or his daughter. I told him to check with a vet and also hire a trainer to find out what exactly is going on with the dog. I didn't know until later that maybe the 4 year old isn't nice to the dog.

I spoke with his Dad and told him that if the situation gets worse or he feels the dog is not safe to let me know. The Dad said that his son was taking the dog to the vet tomorrow and already had calls into some trainers. So, hopefully they can work it out. If not he will contact me.

Some lady found a JRT (really looks like a mix). She some how found the owner and contacted him. The owner told her to let the dog find his own way home. The owner lived 60 miles from where the dog was found... 60 miles!! Can you believe that???

Anyways, the lady had the dog fixed but said the dog needs out of her house by Tuesday (which is tomorrow). I haven't responded to her yet because well... there are a few dogs in danger of dieing and I need to focus on them. I highly doubt that this women is going to sink $200 to get a dog neutered and then let something bad happen to it... so she is on hold right now.

There are 3 JRT's in Morrow County Pound that need an exit plan ASAP. I am getting the dogs tomorrow after work.. I hope.

There is a JRT in Fairfield County that isn't avalaible till tomorrow but that one is going to need an exit plan fast too. So, now I get to figure that one out.


sorry had to scream again.

When it rains it pours they say. And of course I want to go away this weekend.. this should be interesting.

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