Friday, August 7, 2009

Dolly's surgery and her love for cats??!!

Wednesday I came home from work and picked up Dolly (the dog with cancer) and Gilligan (the dog with the broken leg) and took them both to the vet. Gilligan had a temperature and was coughing when he got really excited. So, he was not able to have surgery :-( Poor dog. At least he isn't in pain. Dolly was doing just fine outside of the softball sized tumor on her belly.

I picked up Dolly Thursday after work. She was in A LOT of pain. The vet had to remove 2 of her nipples in order to get ALL of the tumor, she was also spayed at the same time. I brought her home, set her up in a crate in the front room of the house and she did not move until this afternoon.

Ok, so here is the strange part. 2 weeks ago my niece called my mom, who lives with me and said she found a kitten near her apartment. The kitten did not have it's eyes open and needed to be bottle fed. Since my mom is always home she volunteered to take care of the kitten and try to save it. My niece kept the kitten one night and then brought it to my mom....

The kitten was maybe a week to a few days old. This Wed it's eyes started to open.. they aren't all the way open yet. Ok, so you are probably wondering why I am telling you all this... Well when I came home from work today my mom said Dolly was going crazy running around the house today every time the kitten started crying. Being a JRT we figured she wanted to eat it.

So, this evening I am organizing all my dog files (I know awesome Friday night huh??!!) and making sure everyone has all the shots they need and revolution or frontline & heartgard. The kitten starts to cry so my mom feeds him and puts him back in his box with the heat packets. The kitten will not be quiet. Dolly is going crazy.. not barking but looking around for where the crying is coming from. I took the kitten out of the box and showed the kitten to Dolly. I held on to Dolly just because I wasn't sure what she was going to do.

Long story short for about 1/2 hour Dolly licked and tried to hug the kitten. I put the kitten down and Dolly picked it up and tried to go hide it / take it some where. Of course it made me nervous so I took the kitten asap but if Dolly was going to hurt the kitten she would have done it by now. She literally had the kitten in her mouth and I took the kitten out of her mouth.

How weird is this?? A JRT wanting to mother a kitten.

Here are some crappy cell phone pictures of her....


kate said...

She is just the cutest JRT! How old is she?

~Andeelyn~ said...

That is great that her Mommy insticnt kicked in. Im betting she would do great with the kitten when it gets a little older. Glad shes doing better and im keeping my paws crossed that Gilligan will be able to have his surgery this week!

LilliGirl said...

What an awesome little girl! We had a Bonston that mothered 2 kittens as her own so it does happen sometimes. :)