Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who is coming? Who left?

Dolly is continuing to LOVE the kitten. I am now allowing her to sleep with it but only when I am home. I mean it is a JRT with a cat!!!

Tic, Tac and Toe were adopted this weekend. YAY! I really like the families that adopted them too. Someone came over to meet Larry on Friday night and said they were very interested in adopting him. Larry can't leave till Thursday after his neuter surgery.. I sure hope he can be neutered on Thursday.. praying he doesn't get kennel cough.

Gillian I think is FINALLY getting over his kennel cough. Hopefully he will have surgery on Thursday as well. I would really like for him to go to the adoption event on Saturday.

I am getting nervous about the adoption event. I hope it is successful. I did put some post board signs up in random places so hopefully!!!!

What else is going on... Oh I am getting a mom mix JRT and 6 puppies on Wed. A little nervous about that. They are only 2 weeks old. I really hope nothing goes wrong with these guys. I guess we have 10 weeks to see how it goes. UGH!!

Sassy my deaf JRT is back at my house. Having housebreaking issues at her foster home :-( She is going to the vet today to get tests done. I really wish I could find this dog a home. My vet said her number one issue (outside of being deaf) is the she keeps getting bounced around from place to place.

AND on top of regular chores and taking care of animals, I have to get ready for the adoption event on Saturday. I REALLY REALLY hope that it is successful. I need to move some dogs in good quality FOREVER homes. ASAP!

I still need to go through the kill list to see if there is anything I should take but I am kind of thinking I need to get through this weekend and then take in some new dogs. I want to get adopted what I have before taking in more.... y

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