Friday, August 21, 2009

Not sure what to think.....

I received an email in regards to a dog named Driver on Monday. The foster home that had him was considering keeping him. I sent the foster home the email and said "your call, what do you want me to tell these people.. yes he is still looking or no he has a home." The foster home emailed me back and said "tell them he is available."

So, Tuesday I emailed the women who was interested in Drive and told her to complete the application. She did, I processed it, spoke with her and she wanted to come see Drive ASAP. So, I contacted the foster home and asked if she could bring Driver out that night. The foster home agreed and I set up an appointment for the family to come meet Drive at 7:30.

Tuesday was crazy... as you probably could tell from my last post. I also had a dog being returned. Just too much energy for the guy. He has another dog from me that is WAY laid back. Sometimes it happens.. a bad match.

OH and the baby kitten that I rescued on Saturday passed away. It had coccidia and although I was treating it, it was too late. UGH!

So, Tuesday night was crazy. Settling in 3 new dogs, Bonnie coming back, 2 dog appointments for people to see dogs and um.. yea, my normal chores.. LOL!

Driver's foster home dropped him off (1/2 hour drive for her to come to my house by the way) and he ran around and played while we waited. The family showed up right on time.

The other family that came over to meet Moxy my puppy was still there and we were finalizing the adoption.

The family for Driver visited with Driver and their dog really seemed to like him. But I had Charles Moxy's brother out playing. The kids feel in love with Charles and so did the mom. To make a long story short after about an hour of them calling the dad and going back and forth on wanting Charles I said I thought they should go home and think about it. Sleep on it, don't make a rush decision. I told them I didn't want to be rude but I was loosing day light and needed to get chores done.

I still needed to give dogs medicine, worm the new dog, put the dog that attacked me away so I could take her to the vet the next morning, take care of kitty litter, feed horses, take care of the mom and puppies.... luckily I had the kennel dogs taken care of, take Zoomy for a walk (a dog I am baby sitting), do laundry, do paper work, take care of Dillion, give the dog that was attacked a bath, check email.. oh and eat dinner.

While I am rushing around getting everything done the kids came to me at 9pm and said they wanted to take home Charles. I told them I am sorry guys it is 9pm and I have a lot of chores left to do, haven't eaten dinner and need to be up at 6am. They could come back tomorrow to finalize everything. Not to mention I already put Charles to bed for the night. I told them their mom could come talk to me if she wanted.

The mom came in and I said I was really sorry and I would love for Charles to go to a home ASAP but I just have so much to do. I told her I am not trying to be rude I just didn't have time to do paper work that late and that I would feel much better if they slept on it. We both agreed it was late and she said she would contact me the next day to make arrangements.

Oh and I should add the mom said they were going to Put n Bay on Wednesday and didn't have any supplies for a puppy. Coming to visit a housebroken 9 month old and wanting to go home with a 12 week old puppy... WAY DIFFERENT. So, really it was better for them to get everything ready before bringing the puppy home.

Anyways, I never heard from the family on Wednesday. I sent an email yesterday asking if they were still interested in Charles. I have not received a response...

I guess going with my gut feeling on this one was a good idea. I really wanted them to think about Charles before making a decision. I guess after sleeping on it they realized how much work a puppy would be. So, good thing I didn't let Charles go home that night, I would have just gotten him back after the thrill of how stinking cute he is wares off.

I did really like the family, they were really nice. We all get caught up sometimes especially when it comes to a puppy as cute as Charles.. LOL!!


debbie said...

BUT the foster mom REALLY, REALLY wanted to keep Driver (now known as Boomer) so she came back the next night and picked him up - he's now with his forever family so alls well that ends well!!!!

Amy said...

It all ends well, because they now love boomer, the big loving pup! :D