Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why haven't you gone home yet?

Why do I still have these dogs? Seriously? They are all housebroken, good with kids, all are good with other dogs, all are good with cats except for one maybe two of them.
Why aren't then in a home? What is wrong with them? With me?
I really don't mind doing rescue. I am not going to lie I don't LOVE IT and there are a million other things I wish I was doing. I would rather be taking vacations, sitting in the hammock, 4 - wheeling more ofter, hanging out with friends more often, getting more of my house done faster, ect. BUT someone has got to help these little guys find a home. I have to re pay my debt, the debt that will NEVER be repaid until there are NO MORE PUPPY MILLS.
Getting dogs from the shelter moments before they are going to die, "fixing" them up if they are sick or hurt, getting them wormed, getting them fixed, getting their shots and working with them to make them more adoptable is great but I get really depressed when I have had one or some for a long time. And a long time to me is 2 plus months. It just breaks my heart to go out every day and see the same doggie faces staring at me through chain link kennels. So, happy to see me, so ok with the fact they are in a kennel all day while I am at work and get out to play but don't get to curl up in an air condition house or snuggle with a human. Just breaks my heart.
I always have to remind myself, they could be dead. My house isn't that bad and only a means to the end but UGH! I just want them in a home. I just want them to be loved by someone. Not that I don't love them but I love them all. I want someone to love THEM and only them.. ok maybe they can love one or two more but not 20 more. Ya, know?
All I want is for my kids to find a home. I know it will happen EVENTUALLY but eventually isn't good enough. They should be in a home NOW! Really they should have never been homeless and near death in the first place but selfish people lead to dead dogs :-(


LilliGirl said...

Darn it! I hate being teary at work!

I so know what you mean. It is hard. It's not really what you could cal a hobby. It's a dedication to living beings. Hang in there and keep pimping them out. That will help thier family find them.

Volunteer said...

I'm with you on this one. They are seriously THE best group, as a whole, we have had in a long time! I wish they would get noticed...

Maybe my photographic awesomeness will catch someone's attention. Did the pictures of Joy and Tucker turn out good?

Volunteer said...

Yeah, pimp em Am!

Thoughts said...

Dont be so hard on yourself. Their time will come. Thank God they have you at least...