Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Puppy Mill Bill in Ohio. Please support it!

How would you like to live here? This picture was taken Feb 2008 during a puppy mill rescue mission!

The Puppy Mill Bill will end the torture, abuse and brutality against dogs
in puppy mills in Ohio.

Ohio is 2nd only to Missouri for number of puppy
mills (11,000 kennels statewide) and is reported to be the worst
conditions of any state in the US.

With common sense standards, the bill will regulate high volume dog
breeders who house dogs in filthy, inhumane, cramped conditions that
contribute to congenital diseases, high medical bills and behavior issues.

The statewide enforcement authority will conduct bi-annual inspections.
Standards will insure dogs used for breeding in Ohio have medical
attention, clean living environments, exercise and socialization. This
will protect Ohio’s consumers from undue veterinary expenses and
promote public safety by encouraging behaviorally well adjusted puppies.

Ohio law does not protect the public from puppies living in overcrowded,
unsanitary conditions where genetic diseases and stress/behavior issues
from illness, injury and neglect are being sold to an unsuspecting public.
Responsible breeders already exceed standards set forth in the legislation.

We need your help to pass this bill. Please contact your state rep & state
senator to let them know you want this bill for a safe and humane Ohio.

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This picture is of a poodle from an Ohio puppy mill who had to have most of her teeth removed. Notice her inflamed red gums.

This pug, from an Ohio puppy mill, had an untreated, unknown injury to his eye which hardened over and gave the appearance of a wooden eye. This injury is many months old and was never treated. After being removed from the puppy mill, his damaged eye was removed.

Removed from Tuscarawus Puppy Mill, March 2008, because we have no laws regarding high volume breeders, this dog was returned to the breeder.


Carrie said...

I just wanted to say that I appreciate your blog. I subscribed today b/c we have to unite to get the word out. If I can post a link to your site on our rescue advocacy site, please let me know. I'd love to have like-minded blogs listed. Peace, Carrie

Anonymous said...

This is terrible!! I didn't know about puppy mills at all until I was looking for a puppy. Maybe the medias could let people know about this and stop buying pets from the pet stores?

Anonymous said...

Mills are horrible. I try to let people know, and i am making a dontation to a local mill rescue.
I feel so bad fo these poor souls.
RIP all the souls who live(d)/died in these horrible places.