Monday, August 17, 2009

Adoption event drama

Saturday was my adoption event at Tractor Supply. I have never done an adoption event there before so I was really nervous. I advertised it for 3 weeks, hunt up posters on telephone polls and posted it all over the Internet. It turned out to be HUGE! So, many people.

10 dogs were adopted on Saturday. All of which are good homes I feel really good about. BUT HOLY COW there were some really really really rude people.

Example #1.

A women asked how much it was to adopt. I told her it depends on the dog and it is anywhere from $100 - $250. She got this horrible look on her face and said "WHAT!" for a dog. I replied "ALL or our dogs came from a shelter on the day they were going to die. Even though the shelter was doing to kill them we still have to pay to save them. Some shelters charge as much as $50 to $60 and sometimes more for the dog. We then worm them, feed them, get them fixed, they get shots, front line, heartgard, ect." She said that is still a lot of money for a dog. I told her to go look in the paper for a dog that is free. Take it to the vet get it fixed, get it all it's shots, get frontline and heartgard and feed it for 1 month. Then come to me and tell me how much she spent. If it was less then $200 to do all that then I will give her $200! She walked away all mad. She knew I was right!

Example #2.

The event started at noon. I had gone on Friday night and picked up a bunch of dogs at the clinic. Two of the dogs I picked up at the clinic were already adopted and NOT on our website. They were getting adopted in Toledo so my rescue partner Gloria was taking them back to Toledo with her on Saturday after the event so that they could get adopted. I brought them to the event so it was easier then her going another 1/2 hour to my house and then back tracking to go home.

Some lady actually called my house... MY HOUSE after the event was over, probably around 6pm. and was pissed off because she was there PROMPTLY at 12 noon and the 2 cutes puppies were adopted already. How can 2 puppies already be adopted if the event started at noon and it was totally not fair.

OMG LADY seriously???!! Next time I will leave them in the hot car to die! Idiot!

Example #3.

We did have a few dogs that were not fixed yet that were at the event. They are getting fixed this week and can not go home until Friday. So, anyone who adopted them would need to come to my house Friday evening and pick up their dog.

We had 2 that this was the case for.

The one was a beagle. Again the event started at noon. A women came around 3ish and was looking at dogs and she asked about several dogs. She then asked about the beagle. We told her it was adopted. She threw her hands in the air. Screamed "THIS IS RIDICULOUS! WHY WOULD YOU HAVE DOGS OUT THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN ADOPT!" and she stormed off.

Ok first off lady the entire point of the event was to get dogs adopted. So, a OH HOW GREAT FOR THE DOG! would have been nice. Secondly, it was the end of event sorry we adopted out a few dogs. And it is a beagle... we can find you about 100 of them... actually know of 3 sitting in a shelter right now that are probably going to die. And again we are next to a store NOT IN A STORE on the hottest day of the year.. what would you have liked us to do with the dog?? Put it in the HOT car? I think in a crate under shade tents with a nice breeze and a bowl of COLD water was a better option. IDIOT!

Example #4.

A lady was very interested in Leroy. She said she had just lost her job and she couldn't really afford the $200 adoption fee. Could we lower it to $150. Seriously, she asked me that.

I told her that $200 for a fully vetted dog was pretty cheap and if she can't afford an adoption fee what is she going to do if something were to happen with the dog and it need to go to the vet. I told her flat out she might want to reconsider getting a dog because they can be expensive.

She really wasn't an idiot, she was a very nice lady. I think not having a job she was bored being at home and figured she had time to spend with a dog. Which is great but if you can't afford one then probably not a good idea.

It was just shocking to me how many people were upset over dogs being adopted. It was defiantly successful but not 100% I will do it there again just because of how rude people were. The store was really excited that we had it there and asked if I would come back... I will think about it.

It was a lot of work getting everything put together to go there. I spent 3 days loading up vehicles with all the crates. I had to take wire cages so I loaded up my dad's van with all the wire cages, 4 tables, a tent, all the applications, print out of the dogs, ect. I then loaded up my SUV with all the carrying crates that the dogs were brought to the event in....

I woke up at 6 am to make sure everything was done at my house before the event, went to the vet office at 9am to pick up Gilligan, went to one of my volunteers houses to pick up my tables and then went to the store and started setting up at 10am. We were done setting up by 11am and as I was setting up I was getting hit up by people... so that was a good thing.

The day went so fast. There were so many people.

I started packing up around 3:30ish and the dogs were all on their way to my house or back to Toledo to foster care by 4:15ish. I then finished packing up / cleaning up and was home by 5ish and THEN I had to unload everything... including dogs and put everyone way.

I wasn't done with everything until 8pm. UGH! exhausted.

It was worth it I think but just not sure I will do it there again.


Anonymous said...

Still the holier than thou saint, I see. Everyone but you is undeserving and stupid of a dog's love and life. All people are stupid, except, of course, for you. If you hate people so much, maybe you just shouldn't adopt out the dogs. Keep them for yourself, since you are the only "decent" human being left. That would save the rest of us from having to read or hear your rants.

Dog Rescuer said...

yep I am awesome and you suck. So, why do you read my blog if you hate me so much? Funny how you hide behind "anonymous"

I love when you leave comments cracks me up.. actually everyone else finds you funny too. So, please leave more they are very entertaining!

~Andeelyn~ said...

Like ive said before if you feel so strongly about her why hide behind the cloak of anonymity? Seriously why do you keep reading her blog if you dislike her so much. Id love to see you do 1/2 of what she does for these dogs. In my opinion you are a pathetic excuse for a human being, Always judging her. Arent you the one who says she judgemental? Never once did she say they didnt deserve dogs you imbecile shes simply stating how ignorant some people can be, but then i guess people like you would stick together. Actually keep posting please we enjoy seeing how ignorant people like you can be. After a stressful day of Rescue it gives us something to laugh at.

Anonymous said...

lol anonymous is so funny keep posting comments to prove you are a coward and an idiot

Anonymous said...

I'd like you to show half as much kindness to people as you do to dogs. I never said that you don't do anything for the dogs. In fact, what you do is great. But the way you treat people is disguisting. Making fun of people publicly only hurts your image. When you start treating people with respect, you'll have mine. Until then, my comments stand.

~Andeelyn~ said...

Wow you just dont get it do you anonymous. IF she was disrespectful and rude and such a rotten person would she give dogs to the elderly, would she provide vet care for people who cant afford to fix their dogs, would she help people with dogs who have issues? No she wouldnt! Unless you know her personally id keep your opinions to yourself. She uses no names so how is she being rude? This is her place to vent about things that bother her she has that right, get over yourself and move on your just showing your ignorance!

Dog Rescuer said...

Anonymous you mean to tell me that as you are driving down the road and a person cuts you off and you almost crash your car you don't go home and say to a family member "This idiot today cut me off and...." You mean to tell me that someone says something or does something that you find completely moronic and you don't talk about it??

It is funny how you NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER comment on anything I say that is postitive. All I did was give examples of how RUDE people were to me. I said in the begining of my post 10 dogs found really great families / homes. Yet you don't comment on that.

You are very negagive person and I really don't appreciate negative people because all they do is bring the people around them down.

Why don't you leave a comment about how I saved a dog NO ONE wanted because he had a messed up leg? Or about Dolly who had a cancer who I saved? OR about Crash? Or Dart? Or Marshall? Or Franny?

Why don't you leave a comment about the little old lady who could not afford a dog so I gave her a dog, had an ID tag made for the dog, gave her dog food, a leash, a collar and bowls?

Why don't you comment on the dog I had fixed for the women who has a male and female dog and can't afford to fix them??

Why because you are negative. And negative, rude people SUCK!

Jaime said...

Wow, what a day. Some people just dont understand what you OR these dogs go through. 200 dollars is totally reasonable. I dont even know what to say about the other people. Just stay patient and keep doing what you are doing Amy. You have saved countless lives and your good fortunes will continue because you have a kind heart, a welcoming home, and (lol) an open pocketbook.

Dont let people get you down.

And @Anonymous, you are making some SERIOUS generalizations about DogRescuer. She complained about a few people, you are saying "All people." Why are you even reading this blog? Why dont you go spread your pissy attitude somewhere where people will appreciate it? This blog is obviously not for you and no one here gives a good God Damn about your opinion. You are obviously unintelligent and have no compassion or understanding. Perhaps you will come back in your next life as an abused and neglected animal...I HOPE YOU DO.