Friday, July 31, 2009

New arravials

I picked up 3 dogs off transport yesterday.

This tiny little girl we named Dolly she was taken to the shelter by her owners who no longer wanted her. She is 5 years old, pure breed JRT and has a HUGE mass on her stomach. (will add pictures later). I took her straight to the vet yesterday. My vet said that it has probably been there for a year and just getting larger and larger. It could kill her if not taken care of and she is probably in a lot of pain. So, Wed night she gets dropped off to have the mass removed. She is SO SWEET and tiny! And of course if she was fixed this mass would have never occurred!!

This little 1 year old beagle probably JRT mix was found "running" stray on the streets. God only knows how long he has been on his own. He has a broken front leg that was never taken care of. I of course took him straight to my vet yesterday after picking him up. My vet said it has probably been broken for about 3 months. Looks like the elbow was knocked out of place and leg broken just under that. The muscles have atrophied and repairing it would put him through a lot of pain and his leg would never be full use. The best thing to do is amputate the leg. That way he can't have complications later in life like arthritis.

So, he goes in Wednesday night to have his leg removed on Thursday :-(

This guy is a JRT / Chi mix. He is a SWEET heart of a dog. We named him ChiChi. There is nothing wrong with him LOL He is 3 years old and just full of love. He is going to be a great family pet.

So, that is my newest group!

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~Andeelyn~ said...

Ummm ChiChi is so cute just needs to loose a little weight! I am already in love with Gilligan he just has that lovable lil face. I know Dolly is going to be fine once E had his tumors removed he is thriving!