Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dog update

Thursday night I got in 7 dogs. They all came from the same shelter. The shelter was so full they didn't even have time to put them on line and these guys were going to be gassed. I took them sight unseen. So, what did I get......

Ace - 2 year old Aussie (toy Aussie)
Leroy Brown - 5 month old mix small
3 Puppies Lab/Boarder Collie about 8 weeks old
2 Shep Mix puppies about 7 weeks old.

I know you are thinking WHAT PUPPIES what about the parvo. Well I have them in my kennels on the OTHER SIDE of my property where my parvo puppies were not SO let's hope everything will be ok. The dog warden said she tries to keep all the puppies separate from each other and the big dog population but she has had parvo there. So, my guess they were already exposed.

Then on Saturday I got in 3 JRT mixes.. Bobby, Baby Jane and Dillion. AND I was holding 4 or Gloria's dogs so they could go to the clinic and get fixed on Monday.

I also had 2 Aussie over night Sunday night. So, when I went to bed on Sunday night I had 16 extra dogs at my house.. LOL!!

My husband was like how is it we just got home and there are all these dogs..LOL!!

Monday was CRAZY which is why I didn't blog. I woke up at 5am to take care of all my chores (horse, goats, dogs) and to load up 7 dogs to go to the clinic and get ready for work. I then drove the hour to the clinic, unloaded dogs, filled out paper work and was at work by 8:45am! I didn't get to bed till 11:30 last night and I was back up at 6am this morning. Needless to say I am tired :-)

Tonight stinks because I have to go to a wake. My friend from school... went to school with her from 1st grade all the way through college.. her brother who is only 3 years old then me and friends with my husband was killed by a drunk driver on Saturday. He would have been 34 yesterday :-( I don't do good with death....

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Painter Pack said...

I am so sorry about the loss of your friend's husband. That is horrible. Death is bad enough, but at the hands of a drunk driver, it's just unbearable. I would love to be able to rescue dogs like you. But, I can barely take care of my 6 sometimes. But if I could find a man who didn't mind dogs and dog hair, I'd be hitched in a NY minute!!!